News Backstage Update On Hogan Heat, Role With Company, and Future Match

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  2. My day gets better with the news/rumors like this. Hopefully they are true, though.
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  3. Come on, be one step closer to firing him! :win:

    But anywho, it only makes sense to have Hogan part of this Aces payoff at BFG. May as well just use him to get a hot tag, get his 3 moves in, cheap pop, exit stage left.
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  4. I'm all for that idea as it would give a sense of closure to the fans to know that Hogan's career in TNA and the Aces & Eights angle end in the same night.
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  5. :robbie: The Aces and Eights leaving... Hogan being canned... All in the same segment? :goatface:

    Cannot... contain... my excitement... :fap:
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  6. Those two segments alone would make the PPV worth ordering and purchasing on DVD.:jesse:
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  7. Drop this mother fucker, and make Stinger the new leading man. It works out better, and the dude cant run for the title (like hogan wants to do)

    TNA would be better to drop Hogans bitch ass, and need to go back to the impact zone. Should move it to TX.
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  8. Hogan will crush all of you marks' dreams when he re ups for 50k per show.
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  9. i would like the joke, but i dont trust dixie enough to assume you are joking and it would never happen. Id be butthurt as fuck.
  10. Hogan not being present on TV tapings in Wichita Falls and Norfolk has been described as a "significant cost savings" for TNA, in a time when TNA is looking more than ever to cut costs.

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  11. do you fucking sleep?
  12. Still have 30 mins until work, so not right now.
  13. i miss the shit out of your random posts. You, GN, and Rain are my team. :okay:
  14. the fuck does YTR stand for anyway? You hit caps and Y, then move left?
  15. Yano Toru. The japanese wrestler that shamelessly stole RVD's hand gesture back in 2011 (when RVD was in NJPW for TNA) and got over big in Japan for doing it.

    And look at the surprise - Yano is more funny than BVD has ever been.
  16. BVD is dogshit. Ill watch the match in the morning. Pm me some more shit to watch. i see alkaline made the 30 days of wrestling shit, and i want to join but could use some help. You are just the southern, imbred, intoxicated, homosexual friend i could use. Im not going to be gay with you.
  17. Even though I'm not homosexual, I am the rest. Always awesome to have a sincere conversation with you!
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  18. i miss this.
  19. This is great news for TNA, the talents and the future of the industry. TNA can defiantly save a lot of money by letting go of Hogan just so they can improve their product, but Hogan is a draw - there's no doubt about it.
  20. inb4hegetsabiggercontract
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