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    NXT totally owns the main roster. Sorry about your damn luck. :pity:
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  2. I was going to make my own thread with this - but I guess I could add it here.

    Anybody else heard this rumor of a "silent" protest in favor of HHH taking over the creative reigns in WWE like he has in NXT?

    Do you guys think it is actually happening? I would support the decision frankly. Not that my opinion ultimately matters in the decision but I feel like it's time for Vince to step aside. The thing about Cena trying to "rally the troops" is laughable.
  3. Mets also said that the main roster is looking for Triple H to take over on the main shows as well due to NXT's success
  4. WWE: Civil War - New PPV idea!
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  5. Indeed, going through the invasion and Monday night wars this could make for a great shoot booking. NXT being the next guys, invading the main show, getting over as fuck. then by next SS we have team NXT vs team WWE
  6. I would love it if this happened. Vince doesn't have a clue anymore.

    Let HHH run things.

    About Cena 'rallying the troops' - LOL.
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  7. I fucking love these quotes from the article. So true!

    “Sounds like Cena is trying to protect his spot,” said one.

    “Kinda hard to step up with s****y booking and s**t writing, brother.”

    “Anyone who watched the SCSA-Vince shoot knows they CLEARLY Vince is out of touch with the current fanbase. At this point in his life he should be enjoying his money, spending time with his grandchildren, and actually swimming in his pool, not booking a weekly TV program. NXT is the far superior product with a fraction of the resources. Cena is the epitome of Vince’s out of touchness.”

    - Riot, boys, riot! Demand and make a change!
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  8. Yup, which is why I'd REALLY like to know if it is happening. No idea how we as the fans would know though. Just rumors.
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  9. Yeah, here's to hoping these rumors turn out to be true.
  10. Wake me when the NXT stars are making money hand over fist over the WWE superstars.
    Wake me when NXT as a brand is more successful than the WWE superstars.
    The main roster should stop p*ssing and moaning over the minor leagues having fun.

    It's like working at a job, watching high school kids walk by and realizing how good they've got it. Of course they've got it good, the responsibility is far less.
    The road to superstardom is far more exciting than superstardom itself.
    It's also the reason being engaged to someone is so awesome only for marriage to be relatively boring in comparison.
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  11. NXT allows for more creative freedom (and I guess better writing, but it's easier to write for an audience of 200 people than it is for an audience of thousands/millions), but in terms of match quality, I can name a good number of matches that can easily rival just about anything that NXT has ever put out.
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  12. Let's not forget, also, that they are taping/performing in front of the same group of people each night.
    It isn't as if they are traveling to different cities and possibly catering to each individual one.
    They are taping in front of college students anywhere from ages 16-34.
  13. This was a point i was trying to make awhile back in a thread about the static NXT arena vs the traveling WWE arena. It definitely works in NXT's favor. Imagine if WWE had its own static arenas throughout the country. It would be awesome
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  14. The only thing about this that throws me is people cracking up over Cena's "rallying the troops". You serious, Clark?

    John Cena, whatever anybody anywhere wants to think about him, has gotten to where he's at through a unique combination of skill, hard work, and luck. That's the same formula that creates success in just about any endeavor. I have never heard that he's the locker room leader that Undertaker used to be or that Sting was in WCW, but that doesn't mean that the "boys in the back" don't respect what he's accomplished or that they don't covet that top spot.

    If they respect him, that's great. If the want his spot, it's there for the taking. The last guy who actually stepped up to fill Cena's spot was Daniel Bryan. All it got him was a Wrestlemania moment of closing the show with the WWE Championship in his hand. If the "boys" are bitching, they either need to shut the fuck up or actually step the fuck up. Flair and Sting didn't sell out arenas and tear down the house by being all buddy-buddy in the back; they did it by wanting to prove they were the best. Same goes for Austin and Rocky and for Cena and Orton and for Undertaker and Kane.

    If they want what Cena's got, don't take it to Twitter (or, Holy Jesus, the dirthsheet assholes). Take it to work.

    Having said all of that, McMahon is a genius, but even geniuses start to lose touch. Is it time for someone new to take over the creative direction of the show? All I say is point to the segments that had personal involvement from HHH over the last couple of years (the Bryan-Authority angle pre-injury....after that, they were trying to make chicken salad with chicken shit; the Shield angle; there have been others, but it's late and I'm getting older). Those segments have typically been an order of magnitude better and fresher creatively than the rest of the show. Let HHH "have the book" for a few months. Let him set up some storylines and start developing them. I bet that it will improve the product.

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  15. Nxt playing the role of n.w.o. In the "reality" era where social media starts feuds. Book it, I'll zzzzzz
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    Let me preface this by saying this is just my perception and I am not claiming it to be factual. I've been watching wrestling for 30 years and it's hard to do that without forming some definite strong opinions about the people involved with it. So this is just how I see Vince McMahon and Triple H and I am not trying to establish facts about two men I have not nor will likely ever know.

    I honestly think Triple H puts on a better product because he wants to make a wrestling product. He does not harbor the delusions of "sports entertainment" being a different product from wrestling like Vince McMahon does. Vince is a business man. Triple H is a wrestling fan.

    I honestly have never thought that Vince McMahon has had the best mind for wrestling. For some odd reason, I actually like the guy. Still, his product seems to suffer from a lack of genuine commitment to professional wrestling.

    I'll explain what I mean before anyone jumps all over me about it. Vince McMahon has always tried to take his product into a different direction than simply being professional wrestling. From the very beginning he has tried to not only change what wrestling is, but move past it into other forms of entertainment. He usually ends up failing at this (XFL and most WWE movies). The very fact that Vince McMahon claims his product is not professional wrestling, yet the name of the company is "World Wrestling Entertainment" and the main product is wrestling has always seemed silly to me. He was the first guy to majorly break kayfabe when in 1989 he admitted wrestling was staged in order to save on taxes ( He distances himself from the product with his idiotic nickname of "sports entertainment." He tends to claim he is in the "entertainment" industry and not the wrestling industry. I am not sure why he seems to think the term 'entertainment' is mutually exclusive of sports without determined outcomes, but whatever.

    I think Vince is successful because of those he surrounds himself with. Although he takes all the credit as the planner of the Attitude Era, there are few who don't work for him that are ready to credit him with all of the creativity. Since he has the final say on everything, he acts more as a filter for the ideas of others.

    Vince comes across to me as someone who wanted to be involved with wrestling because it was a step at getting his foothold in the entertainment industry and he wanted to move past it. It's actually a very common theme in earlier WWF characters. There was always a guy who was not just a wrestler, but was in another job as well ie. a garbage man, a race car driver, a dentist, an IRS agent. Then there are characters like Double J Jeff Jarrett who wanted to use the WWF as a stepping stone to a country music career. I have always gotten the impression that Vince McMahon could never be happy to just promote professional wrestling.

    Triple H doesn't seem to share that perception with McMahon. I believe that may be why NXT is a better product than the WWE's main shows, even though NXT has inferior resources. It's run by someone who actually wants to be running a wrestling company and is not trying to make it into something it is not.

    Triple H's contributions benefit professional wrestling. NXT is a consistent show with a focus on quality match. Look no further than the Charlotte and Sasha Banks match at R Revolution: a women's match that went on for more than three minutes and was a good solid match. Look what Triple H did in helping to bring Bruno Sammartino back into wrestling... that was one of the biggest shockers of my life. For decades, all Sammartino did was trash wrestling. He had every right to, it became a completely different product than the one he enjoyed. I honestly doubt WWE was going to benefit in any way of putting Sammartino in the hall of fame... very few people who watch today really care much about him, yet Triple H supposedly worked hard for a long time on both Vince and Sammartino to make it happen. ( The real benefit to this was that a man who absolutely belonged in their hall of fame got his rightful place in it. As I said, there couldn't have been any real financial gain on WWE's part for making that effort.

    I am not saying that Triple H is some brilliant wrestling mind and he puts professional wrestling's best interests before his own. But I think he is able to work to put on a better product simply because he likes wrestling and wants wrestling to be wrestling. Vince has always tried to change it and I think that is the reason why his product is not as solid as Triple H's is.

    Again, this is just my perception and I know someone will disagree with me. But this is just the way I see it.
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  17. There are a lot of fair points in the above post and, while I may disagree with some nits, I can certainly respect the viewpoints expressed.

    @Jacob Fox - Do you think the differences in approach between McMahon and Levesque/HHH are due to their different entrees into the business. I mean, Vinnie was a promoter/announcer who went into the ring because it was what he felt was demanded by the storyline while HHH entered the business because he wanted to wrestle and parlayed that into a backstage career, or at least that's the common perception (not saying it's wrong, just that it's what most outside observers probably think).

    I'll hang up and listen.

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  18. posts in this thread are tl;dr.

    But I just wanna throw out the Triple H and Vince are from different times in wrestling. WWE is catering for a young audience with an out dated system.
  19. Does Phil Brooks know you've replaced him? Did he take it well?
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