Backstage Update On Ryback's WWE Future

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. Source: The Wrestling Observer
  2. It was noted in a separate thread that people were chanting "Feed Him More" and "Finish Him" on the last SD, but I didn't hear any of that on Raw, just Goldberg chants lol. I still wonder if they edited in those chants on SD.
  3. The way they're describing him it sounds like he's Hernandez 2.0 lol.
  4. He's been in development for like forever... there is no way that he is still reckless. It sounds like someone is pulling shit out of their ass for a story. He has been man-handling locals for weeks (and I mean he is being stiff as fuck), and he hasn't even hurt one of them.
  5. I remember when Crayo said "Why would they have a problem with the fans chanting Goldberg?"

    Well see for yourself.
  6. See what for myself? A dirt sheet? The wrestling observer too, it's not even worthy of being called a dirt sheet.
  7. :obama:
  8. He's not that dangerous. He's stiff, but he's not reckless, he's never injured anyone from what I remember.
  9. It's a pleasant change seeing a wrestler actually portray his aggressive wrestling style well. We've not seen that since Henry and Drew.
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