Backstage Update On Three-Hour RAW Plans

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. Source: The Wrestling Observer
  2. So, everything will be building towards the Sheamus match at 9 PM, the Punk match at 10 PM, and ultimately in the Cena match at 11 PM.

  3. Great way to push new talent!!11!!11!!!!111!!!!!!111!1!1!1!1ExclamationPointOne!1!ExclamationPoint!!!111oneoneone!!11
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  4. :facepalm1: how can a group of people be so damn stupid, seriously not one brainy guy. Why must they put us through this torture, why not show A-Ry or Tyson Kidd, why WWE WHY!?
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  5. WWE gonna do what WWE gonna do. :upset:
  6. Desperate idiots trying to find an easy way to fill three hours. Give us a cruiserweight division to fill the first hour. Longer matches. More emphasis on the tag division/midcard. Use talented guys (Kidd, Riley, McIntyre, Cesaro, Hunico, Gabriel, so many of them) so you'll have more segments due to a bigger roster. I'll even take a pre-show in the first hour, but that format they're hyping will look like three smaller shows where only the main events matter and all the rest is filler.
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  7. So does that mean it'll be like this week's, with a lot of talking and little actual action? Or will they just do a bunch of smaller matches in between while constantly yammering about the three "highlights" of the night? It sounds like instead of making the most of their allotted time and using that extra hour to improve the show and overall product, they're just planning to do the same garbage and drag it out even longer. Oy.

    The other thing that gets me is that you hear other pro wrestlers even talking about trying to help out the rookies and newer guys, wanting them to be able to move up the ranks because they acknowledge there is some great talent out there. You would think WWE could figure that out, too.
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