Backstage Update On Undertaker’s Streak Ending: Plans Changed Last Minute!

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  1. Despite reports to the contrary, it was not Undertaker’s decision to end his legendary undefeated streak at WrestleMania XXX this year. The belief, however, is that if he didn’t want to end the streak, he could have put up a fight and it probably wouldn’t have happened. Regardless, Vince McMahon made the call to have Brock Lesnar win the match.

    Another interesting note is that the original plan for the match was for Undertaker to go over, however a few days before the show, McMahon changed his mind. The feeling is that McMahon knew of Undertaker’s physical condition and the chance that this was going to be his last match, and decided that if the streak was ever going to be broken, it was now or never.

    As far as Undertaker’s reaction, as previously reported, there are conflicting reports. One friend of his said that he had to be talked into it, while another person who would likely know, said that he didn’t argue the decision at all.


  2. lol dirtsheets, and lol that you still believe them
  3. Randy Savage was last seen:
    Jun 5, 2014

  4. Tried to get at him on twitter. No luck. Found his Tough Enough vid tho.
  5. Yea I saw it. Not his best work.
  6. No passion, no fire. No great dicktaker to aggravate him
  7. I talked to him on Youtube recently. I see his comments on so many random videos... Though a lot of people argue with him.
  8. I read that the real story here was that taker was supposed to go over, yes. But, because Vince wanted ratings to go up on the WWE network and make this mania huge, he wanted taker to lose. Vince can say that it was because "he feared for takers health" but I think that was last worry on his mind.

    I heard it was like 3 hours before the show started that they made the call to have Brock win. I also favor that Vince did it for the network push over "taker getting old" because he had taker not only come back this year and win, but it seems that'll be the case next year as well. If he was truly concerned, taker would've been done after mania.

    Vince seemed to want Brock to be the next mega heel, too. I felt bray was the better option, but oh well, lesnar is fun to watch.
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