Backstage Update On Vince McMahon Possibly Selling WWE, Merger Rumors

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Apr 3, 2014.

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  1. For whatever this is worth, in the investment community, many have interpreted Vince McMahon’s comments in the recent Forbes article to mean that he’s willing to either sell WWE, or at least a major ownership stake in the company. The speculation is he would structure a deal that would see him remain in charge, but monetize his ownership value for his family before he passes away.
    Those in the investment community seem to feel that McMahon should recognize the need to strike a deal where he can retain control, but also have the company in the hands of someone who can create a suitable successor for him.
    Even if McMahon sells an ownership stake in his company, the feeling is that nobody would actually replace him as the guy in charge, unless of course he’s simply too old to function at his job at that point in time.
    For those wondering, the companies most speculated regarding media partners who would be the best fit in a situation like this are Madison Square Garden and Liberty.
    WWE has denied rumors of merger talks, however the speculation has resulted in some of the stock increases we have seen over the past week.


  2. Yeah I don't think he'd sell it unless he got an offer he truly couldn't refuse.
  3. Vince is already a billionaire and is reaching his 70s. He has no reason to sell just for the money. Wtf would he spend it on unless he goes on some drug rampage?

    I think the introduction of the Network this year shows Vince is still interested in WWE.
  4. So, now SEScoops (or whatever the hell it's called) are into investment analysis?

    I don't see McMahon selling to anybody not named Levesque or Trump.

  5. Honestly, I could actually see this happening. I mean, yeah, my first instinct is to dismiss it on the basis of WWE being a McMahon-owned family business that spans across four different generations. But then, people were also once skeptical of Vince turning the WWE into a publicly-traded company as well, but he went ahead and did it. If Vince somehow managed to engineer a deal where Vince (and his successors, Triple H and Stephanie) still remained in complete control of the business and creative side of things and stood to prosper even more on the financial side of things, then yeah, it could happen. As for "Why would Vince want more money if he's already a billionaire?" Well, as anyone who runs a business will tell you, you can never have enough money. More money = healthier business, even if you're already overflowing with cash.
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  6. Billionaire Ted! Billionaire Ted! Billionaire Ted! Billionaire Ted!
  7. Shane McMahon will come back and take over as head honcho...Vince will sit back and count his $$ and toes.... Triple H and Steph McMahon will yell in unison, "WTF?!?!?!?" and be escourted out of the arena.. Hulk Hogan will rip his shirt again in public, Daniel Bryan will shake so much in the ring that he dislocates his back and has to retire, The Shiled and The Wyatt Family wil team up as a 6 man band, aka "The Long Haired, unwashed Masses.., " and go on the road. The Big Show, Kane, Undertaker, and Great Kahli will team up as group of tall guys that go from city to city posing for photos.. the WWE network will, after 6 months, raise its rates to $500 per month, and when people complain, reply, "Oh yeah?" And get away with it..lots of other stuff will happen, but you'll need the WWE Network to find out...get that $500 ready.
  8. He is a billionaire, what interest would more money be when you are at that point?
  9. [​IMG]

    No matter how much you got, how do you turn your back on more?
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  10. but the wwe network hasn't had a chance take off yet, wouldn't all people involved want to wait it out before making any rash decisions?
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