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  2. *The Smasher is currently weight lifting, preparing for his next match*

    [size=x-small]That is what you have to do, right?[/size]
  3. Angel's walking frantically, doesn't know what to do
  4. *The Smasher has taken a break while he has his late lunch.*
  5. Mad Dogg runs frantically around backstage on a rampage, attacking people and knocking things over, due to losing the match with Aids.
  6. *The Smasher turns on the television while waiting for desert. He finds a repeat of Warzone and starts watching it.*
  7. Aids keeps drinking
  8. *The Smasher goes back to lifting weights while listening to his theme tune over and over.*
  9. Austin Andrews is currently feasting, enjoying how talented he is.
  10. *The Smasher is going to bed after having a long day weight lifting.*
  11. Lacky is sitting backstage, listening to music.
  12. After enjoying his feast, Austin is hitting on girls, successfully.
  13. Mad Dogg then walks up to Austin, grabs his collar and screams in his face asking Aid's whereabouts.
  14. Austin replies," I have no clue what you're talking about." And then says, with a smirk on his face," But if you're looking to give him a beating, I'll help you find him."
  15. Mad Dogg then releases Austin and asks where he is.
  16. Austin tells Mad Dogg that he last saw him three locker rooms down the hallway, and suggests they go and try to find him there.
  17. Mad Dogg then grabs Austin by the throat, and Chokeslams him into the concrete, then walks off to where Austin said Aids would be.
  18. Austin shakes it off, and eventually goes back to his locker room, where he can get back to his pretty lady.

  19. Angel is seen finding Patrick Clash.
  20. Lacky is seen backstage talking to two mysterious women.
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