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  1. So Crayo, Jonathan and I were sitting in a Skype call talking about toppings that are amazing on pizzas. Crayo's ordering one right now and he has no toppings whatsoever, just some plain shitty cheese pizza. So we get talking about ham and bacon and Crayo hits out with "I don't like bacon."

    What the fuck. Who the fuck doesn't like bacon? Flame the fuck out of him in this thread.
  2. Crayo you just lost 5000000 internet respect points bro. For shame!
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  3. Can we just ban this guy from the forum already?
  4. How the fuck can you not like Bacon? You really are one strange guy Crayo!
  5. Wtf? Bacon is amazing.
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  6. Exactly, what better thing could you have in a morning other than a Bacon sarnie with HP.
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  7. Holy crap.... the OP genuinely brought a tear to my eye. What. The. Ever. Loving. Fuck.

    HOW the FUCK do you not like bacon, you bastard?? As someone told me before, I've got a man-size love for bacon. It is beyond my realm of understanding how someone could NOT like it. Bacon is the vegetarian's gateway drug. This is just.... ugh! Complete and utter nonsense.

    Crayo is dead to me now. I hope someone stuffs a handful of bacon down your throat and you choke, you evil blimey Eurofag rat bastard.
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  8. Not liking bacon should be a bannable offence.

    Crayo, I am ultimate disappoint. Manson was a cooler dude than you.
  9. Bacon wrapped around cocktail sausages is so delicious.
  10. Next he'll be telling us he hates Sausages too.
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  11. There is nothing better especially if its your day off.

  12. Can that be added to the rules and ToS? I mean, really. Come on. That's got to be complete bullshit.
  13. He's mad gay, so he has to love sausages.
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  14. Make a thread in the suggestions section with a poll. #PeoplePower #BaconPower
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  15. Bacon wrapped around anything is delicious. Even if it's more bacon. Bacon is good with anything and everything.
  16. :haha: :true:
  17. I'd rather not know how you use your Bacon thank you very much :emoji_wink:
  18. He probably meant the sliced ham those Canadians call bacon, I bet he hasn't had any of that real bacon.
  19. If he has had genuine, greasy, crispy, awesome, delicious bacon and STILL doesn't like it .... well then this would just be a world I wouldn't want to live in anymore.

    (There's even a bacon calendar on my desk! :yay: :tough: )
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