Bad Idea Shirts

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Jan 4, 2016.

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  1. Bad Idea T-Shirts

    They are on sale right now, not sure for how long. Buy 3 and get 9 free. Yeah, you read that right. Thought it was worth sharing.
  2. A lot of these aren't THAT bad. Kind of dumb, but I see people wear dumb shirts all the time.
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  3. Hipsters, am'I right? :dealwithit:
  4. ah these nerdy shirts which were cool in 2010.
  5. Not that bad. Some are pretty stupid, but I've seen worse.
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    Guess this is where Wal-Mart gets those shirts they sell for like 5$
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  7. I can totally see why they're practically giving their stock away.
  8. I would sure love to buy some of those shirts, if I was like 12 years old. :bischoff:
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  9. Likely because no one cares about this "trend" anymore. lol
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