News Bad Influence contracts ending soon

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  2. so long TNA.
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  3. (Inb4 Dixie gets buried for this, even though she isn't involved in money and contract situations whatsoever)

    Lets hope the TNA offices and Janice Carter don't make another stupid decision.
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  4. Yeah TNA needs Bad Influence at the moment. Without them their tag team division would look like any other half assed wrestling promotion's tag team division.
  5. Shut the doors Dicks E.

    Bad Influence for WWE Tag Team Champions!
  6. Glad to hear the Ring General, Chris Daniels, has a good fat contract.


    I hope it stays that way.
  7. I guess we'll find out in April what happens, I mean this Secret Investor v. Dixie Carter storyline is projected to go through the majority of this year as far as storyline goes, which leaves room for many many things to happen.
  8. Dude if they lose CD...
  9. How great would it be for all these guys who they "can't afford" were part of some angle?

    Jim Cornette said in an interview not that long ago that he talked to ROH Management in 2012 about Joe, but they weren't interested since in kayfabe he was used so poorly in TNA. If all promoters thought that way then BI oughta come dirt cheap.

    I don't care what you have to do, TNA, resign these guys. Please.
  10. Yeah TNA is going to need Bad Influence around to keep their tag team division actually relevant.
    That would suck if they have to let CD go.. I'm sure they'll figure out away to move funds around to let CD stay.. It may have to call for releasing/not renewing a contract of another TNA Star perhaps Mr. Anderson/Jeff Hardy/Sting and replacing either of those with some other wrestler from a smaller promotion who will take less money.

    Idk, I just don't see a good future for that company if the Tag Team Division loses Bad Influence.
  11. ^Totally agree, they were the MVP's of 2013. The fans love them too much and are already pissed about AJ leaving. TNA really can't risk alienating the TNA diehards, can they? The future for this company is already bleak at best, and TNA pissing off it's core fanbase is the last thing it needs.

    Don't know the details on financials, maybe Hardy pays for his own contract with his merch sales or something, but yeah it would be great if those three were cut for a lot of cheaper indy talent. How much more positive buzz did they get for signing the Wolves than those three guys?
  12. I know for a fact that the Wolves got more buzz than Jay Bradley and Wes Brisco, and financially the Wolves were the smarter move. They were best for business, I'm gad those two got cut for them.
  13. No more TNA I guess........ WAIT, IS THIS A DIRTHSHEET!?! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! -Action Jackson
  14. If they release Bad Influence I'm done with TNA (nah, just kidding, TNA will last forever :yay: [kidding, but won't have to pull the plug if those two leave which is really unlikely])
  15. If Bad Influence was gone I'd truly lose faith, one of the best things TNA has going for them imo.
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  16. PWInsider Elite:

    " - There has been even more talk this past week of new talents coming in and more talents leaving as their deals expire."

    I hope to fuck this doesn't mean what I think it means, as it instantly reminded me of Kaz & Daniels.
  17. Idk man, it could very well be.
    Didn't they completely bury Daniels' other character, Curry Man on Thursday? Not sure if that is a piece of the puzzle but maybe they could be prepping for a departure.
  18. If Kaz and Daniels end up leaving, the tag team division will suffer such an amazing blow. Those two have so much talent and charisma, and they can still work in the ring, so there's no reason to sacrifice them for younger talent.
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  19. +1

    (Love the sig, one of my fav WM matches ever)

    Don't know, but there's a rumor of new Kenny King & Manik tag team floating around, so they might end up replacing Bad Inf. if they leave.
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  20. Oh god, Kenny King and Manik would be interesting imo, so I have no problem with that.

    As for my sig, I have another gif from that match that I wanna use, but I don't have 4000$ so I have to wait on that.
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