News Bad influence not at the tapings this week

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 13, 2014.

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  2. Why are they taping all four episodes this week. The only wrestling show that I can remember off the top of my head that does that is NXT, but that has it's own actual reason for it. Not sure if they're going on a tour or something, but it doesn't seem like a good sign. As for the Bad Influence situation, it would be a shame if they weren't resigned. They're one of the few active and good tag teams left in TNA, and they've been somewhat neglected as of late to continue the whole BroMans vs Wolves feud. I have nothing against both teams (don't like the Wolves that much though) but Bad Influence should be holding the belts if anything, just me though.
  3. I heard that they were going resign them like a month or so ago. So I'm not too worried about that.
  4. I just hope that they get Bad Influence to sign big new contracts, because the roster is actually looking quite good now since the new signings at Lockdown and the tag team division NEEDS teams like BI, Wolves, Bro-Mans and we can't afford to let them go.

    Oh, and BI are the funniest guys in the business.
  5. Honestly, hopefully they leave T&A and go to indys and New Japan. They're popular, they can wrestle, they'd get booked 3 matches per week. Look at Styles, how things are working out for him, ROH, NJPW, he's going to make more this year than what he'd make in T&A.
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  6. They were in Test and Albert?
  7. This might mean nothing: But they are booked for CZW's Wrestlemania weekend show in New Orleans.
  8. Dirtsheet "update":

  9. Come on, man. I love all these new talents TNA have brought in, they've been such a breath of fresh air... but... can't you cut some of the scrubs on the roster to make room for them instead of arguably the three best talents you have? Ugh. :facepalm1: Come on, TNA, you can't let these guys go!
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  10. lol if they don't resign Aries
  11. I'd be real sad to see them go, but if they sign with WWE. :yay:
  12. Well I had planned on watching lockdown and catching up with TNA but NO aries or BI for a month's worth of tapings? It would take a lot of Bully and Bobby to get my attention now (not that anyone cares)
  13. Chances are really, really slim. Slimmer than you'd might think.
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  14. I know they are. A man can dream, though.
  15. Aries and BI are probably my three favorite TNA guys. Seriously, firing them for whatever reason is stupid. I really hope these are indeed just rumors.
  16. Not fired, contract expirings. All comes down to if TNA resigns them.
  17. Sure, but effectively it's the same, the guys won't be around anymore.
  18. Yeah, but if they were fired, then the backlash would be more severe.
  19. For sure. TNA letting the contracts expire I can't understand or at least see happening, but just firing them would be asinine, no doubt.
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