News Bad News Barrett told to stop delivering bad news

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CFCrusader, Mar 29, 2015.

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    "WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett told Sky Sports this week that he stopped delivering his "I'm afraid I've got some bad news..." promos because WWE officials told him to as fans were joining in on the promos and cheering him. Barrett teased picking back up on the bad news after WrestleMania."
    Da fuq is this? Hey, Barrett, you're getting really over, so uhh... stop being over, damn it! This company is so shit, it's unbelievable. Hey, WWE, if someone's getting over... I don't know, maybe turn them face?

    Damn it Vince! :booker:

    EDIT: Ironically enough, I just saw the Vince "Brass ring" video on the WWE YouTube channel and can't believe how much shit is coming out of Vince's mouth that he probably thinks is true. Wow. He's screwing over people getting over like Ryder, Ambrose and Bryan but then giving out brass rings to other guys who aren't as over. Millennials, DAMN IT! :kiss:
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  2. lol This company. Take something away from someone because it's making them too well-liked, yet continue to push someone like Roman Reigns on us as the next top babyface despite getting some of the least positive crowd reactions of anyone on the entire roster.

    If someone is getting cheered too much, then, uh, turn them face. Or keep them heel and just deal with the cheers they receive, just like Cena has to deal with the boos he gets or like the way they almost completely ignored "the evil cult leader" Bray Wyatt getting massively cheered last year when he went up against the big hero, John Cena. But stripping something away from someone that works just because it gets them over is stupid. They did the same thing with Cesaro last year, too - they took his Big Swing away from him because it was getting too positive of a reaction from the crowd.

    The fact is, if a wrestler is entertaining enough, people are usually gonna cheer them no matter what. You can book them as a face, heel, don't matter. There's no way around it and they should just deal with it.
  3. Oh yeah, I've heard about this before and how they'll be dropping the Bad News gimmick soon. Silly WWE.
  4. shit gimmick anyway. Barrett has been ruined since fuck boy Punk stole his stable from him.
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  5. Well, bad gig or not, at least it was a gig. Really great from WWE to do this and also make sure he loses every match, lol. Really not surprised.
  6. IMO, the Bad News gimmick is better than what Wade would probably be doing without it (Intercontinental Jobber, just without the spiffy name) and if WWE had any sense whatsoever and knew that if someone's getting over then to keep doing that thing, Bad News Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Zack Ryder, Bray Wyatt (aside from just getting into a feud now) and Cesaro would all probably be doing something a bit more meaningful than what they are doing right now. Namely, Barrett would have been a properly booked IC champion regularly giving out bad news before knocking everyone out, Cody vs Goldust would happen, Ryder would be doing SOMETHING, Wyatt would still have his Family and would be kicking ass, Cesaro would be a singles star looking for Brock.
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  7. Even though I was a fan of Bad News Gimmick. But I have to admit that Barrett is best as a Stable leader. Nexus 3.0 confirmed.
  8. Good, it's stale now.
  9. The Bad News gimmick lost it's flavor after maybe a month? To be honest I didn't even realize they dropped it until last episode so it obviously didn't have that much of an impact on him.. Wade Barrett's character alone is enough to keep him in the scene.
  10. I liked it. Shame it fell victim to the 1995 Booking of WWE's product.
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