Bad News Barrett Would Make An Excellent General Manager

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  1. Imagine a hypothetical scenario where The Authority weren't currently running the show (or at least had no reason to be present on the show and took a short break to let someone else run things in their temporary absence) and they appointed Bad News Barrett as the interim Raw General Manager. It would have been a great spot to put him in while he was still recovering from his shoulder injury. They did the same thing with Kurt Angle in 2004, where he was made the General Manager of Smackdown while he recovered from his reoccurring neck problems.

    Imagine all the different kinds of "bad news" that Barrett could deliver to different talent on the roster. Someone thinks they don't have a match tonight, possibly due to an injury, but out comes Barrett to tell them that not only do they have a match tonight, but it's next. Or imagine someone like Sheamus getting in Barrett's face backstage and accused of him of cowardice for hiding behind his positioning of power and says that he lacks the same strength, stamina or guts that guys like him have, and so Barrett books Sheamus to defend his US Title later in the night. After a successful title defense, Barrett comes out and tells Sheamus that he might feel as if he's done for the night, but he's afraid he has some bad news - if Sheamus really does have so much stamina and guts, then surely he won't mind defending his championship twice in the same night, and out comes a fresh opponent for a new match. Imagine interactions between Barrett and Cena, too. It'd be great to see Barrett deliver bad news to the WWE Champion at least once.

    This is all fantasy-booking, but it's cool to imagine how fun it would be to witness BNB as the Raw General Manager. Or hell, even as the Smackdown General Manager since The Authority doesn't feel like appearing on that show most weeks, and Barrett could serve as their stand-in on Fridays.
  2. With his in-ring tactics unable to aid him, his promo and delivery work would undoubtedly turn him into a fan favorite.
    My understanding is he hates working babyface, even in his own country.
    Given that he sees no reason to spare heel bad news, the turn seems unavoidable.
    Unless he becomes another JBL, WWE may consider his inability to stay healthy as a sign he needs to be behind a mic.
    I believe Barrett needs to protect himself better. There are plenty of late bloomers (with acronyms) who had brilliant careers: JBL and DDP

    In the meantime, Barrett's confidence and delivery are good for television. He's corporate enough and, frankly, should have had Randy Orton's spot to begin with. (Of course we'd have no BNB) Nonetheless, my only concern is that his lack of in-ring time would get fans believing he's no longer in-ring talent; he's no longer an in-ring competitor. Otherwise, I'm game. I enjoyed JBL and believe BNB could be formed into the same type of mold
  3. Speaking of which, I wouldn't put it past possibility for him to come back as a babyface, or at least make the official turn shortly upon returning. He already made a statement at Battleground saying that he intends to reclaim his Intercontinental Championship as soon as he's cleared to wrestle again, so it's likely The Miz is simply keeping the title warm for him until then.
  4. Miz would be a very fitting cat for him to turn against.
    The Miz with his illusions of grandeur put to bed by Barrett. The initial exchange would be fantastic.
    On the other hand, I can't see WWE allowing Barrett to completely bury Miz film career, which Barrett is capable of doing.
    WWE still intends to make a profit of Miz films whether we believe its wise or not.

    On the topic of the GM role, I'm in favor of a neutral character in that role, especially an effective character in that role who has a presence.
  5. For now yes he really would make a great GM role.
    I really like him as a wrestling competitor though, he brings a lot of attention to the ring.
    Hopefully he returns fully healthy and help be the base of some major storylines.. miss the BNB.
  6. I'm concerned he may get lost in the shuffle of the youth movement, although BNB brings a unique dynamic to the table.
    Stone Cold Steve Austin wasn't a bright young face in 1997, many who ended up putting him over were younger than he was.
    My point isn't that Barrett is Austin, it's that a unique talent shouldn't be bypassed simply because of his age.
    Barrett is injury prone, but he also hasn't been tested.
  7. I have no fear of him not being able to compete, except the injuries :/.
  8. With all due respect, it isn't your opinion that matters. If HHH is moving forward with his own NXT talent (which he appears to be) than everybody else is enhancement talent. It's why a relatively young talent like Cody Rhodes may get lost in the shuffle.
  9. every time lockard uses the word 'imagine' take a shot
  10. He'd be a pretty entertaining GM. The role is very played out at this point, but if they're gonna keep having it they might as well keep it entertaining.
  11. Bringing back Jack Tunney would entertain me and make mark.
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