Bad News Barrett

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Dec 3, 2013.

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  1. It was, erm, interesting. What did you think?
  2. Move over Bad News Brown and Bad Leeroy Brown, it's time for Wade to take up the news, and deliver some bad news to the WWE Universe.As much as it was cheesy to see Wade talk about the crowd, picking apart of their flaws of the crowd, let's give the gimmick a chance before sighing and getting our pitch forks.I think Wade Barrett would easily get heat every week, if WWE gives him a segment, to the point where someone will step up to tear the man into pieces.I wonder how much on the edge will WWE allow Barrett say and do, could we see him say racist stuff of all races and creeds, imagine the talk of that.The character developed in the JBL and Cole show is here, I hope this gimmick change to Wade moves him on the card if not, I've got some bad news for you Wade, see you at the door
  3. Seems like a gimmick he's doing for fun. Hopefully he can make it work on them fat hillbillies
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  4. I wonder who he pissed off to get stuck with this gimmick. LOL. The worst part about it is that it may be the best one he's had to work with since he showed up in WWE. Seems pretty appropriate for the most overrated jobber they have on the roster.
    Maybe he'll finally make something of himself with this. :hmm:
  5. Only he would make this work, I actually laughed when he said "you are all constipated"... Too bad they never let him be Vince's guy in The Authority and won the WWE title.
  6. I can see Wade walking the streets, and going to homeless people and saying I've got some bad news for you, your not good enough to hold a job, and you smell like put on urine Lotion everyday of you life.Go all the way with this WWE, take Wade to the streets.
  7. They really needed to focus his entire gimmick around getting cheap heat? pathetic
  8. It was stupid... It was really stupid... It was just quite stupid enough to possibly work... I'm intrigued.
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  9. Does he really need the anonymous GM's podium and a dumb nickname to call hillbillies fat though? its so lame lol
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  10. He should work kind of like Farooq with the damn. Something stupid goes down backstage, Barrett shows up.
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  11. That would definitely work. He'd be over like a million bucks, so they won't do it
  12. Barrett, to me at least, sort of falls into the same category that Rainman puts Drew Mcintyre into.

    3 years ago when I saw WB he stood out on the roster because it was filled with a bunch of has beens and never will bes. Meanwhile today the roster is overflowing with talent, many of which have been called up over the past two years and many who, sorry to say, outshine Barrett.

    He was a killer leading Nexus but WWE dropped the ball (shocking) and now he will honestly never amount to much IMO. sadly. I really, really dug the guy.
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  13. It's hard to judge the potential of this thing based off just one segment but it at least appears they're making some kind of effort into doing something with Barrett.... assuming they don't just get bored with it within a few weeks and drop the whole thing.
  14. Hey, he insulted some fat hillbillies. The Hoff's on board bro
  15. Its a good cheap laugh and Wade doing anything makes me smile.
  16. I've got bad news for you. You seem to forget that "your" is possessive and the proper term you should have used was "you're". You are now held back from the 5th grade. :badnewsbarrett:

    I actually enjoy this gimmick. I see nothing wrong with it, as long as they don't make him into a jobber. I say give this gimmick a chance in the midcard, have him go over a few guys and give him more segments for weeks to come.
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  17. Wow, Wade has changed. All I can say is it seemed gracefully familiar to promos I used to watch on the Indy circuit. He spoke very well and is body posture impressed me. Speaking in front of the crowd was a nice touch, especially if its his first time (I don't know much of the goings-on) Wade is very talented and I hope its paid off since I've seen him last.
  18. It's a good gimmick for a few cheap laughs. I don't know how it will transfer over to the ring but it's nice for the time being.
  19. He's been off TV for about 4 months.
  20. I enjoyed the hell out of it and actually had a little marking-out moment when he came on as "Bad News Barrett" (I like the JBL and Cole sue me...hell, it's the first time in years I've given a damn about Hornswoggle).

    I hope they stick with it and see where it takes him.

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