Bad news for SmackDown

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  1. Serves them right.
  2. B-show with B-booking, nothing surprising there. SmackDown is a real WWE midcard.
  3. If stuff like this doesn't, what will make WWE realize they have to change a few things?
  4. It's cause of the stupid Supershow.
    If you see all stars on RAW what's the point of watching Smackdown?
    Can't believe I dug Smackdown about 4 years ago.
  5. lol fuck smackdown
  6. Smackdown still exists? :shock:
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  7. Smakdown needs to go live like raw every frida maybe that will help
  8. To be honest it just needs to die.
  9. I dug it about 4 months ago, infact there was a point where I enjoyed it more than Raw. But not now, Big Show and Khali have returned and neither Daniel Bryan or Mark Henry are champions so it's just crap.
  10. Smackdown was so good about 4 months ago when they had Bryan, Barret and Rhodes running around and basically running the shows plots and still being able to implement stellar wrestling. The guys who are suppose to be the focus of stories now with the exception of Bryan are just so boring.
  11. Totally this. The match quality was amazing..

    Compare this...
    Show Spoiler

    To this..
    Show Spoiler

    Also they miss Barrett and Christian so much.
  12. I enjoyed Henry's and Bryan's title reigns, but the Supershow concept kills Smackdown. The brand division should be strong, SD should be live and there should be more balance regarding star power between the brands. If that happens (which I know won't) we'd be able to enjoy both shows equally. I do find SD to be a great place to develop new talent, since there's not really much star power or anything, they can just walk in and be a part of the show.
  13. This.

    I was also a big fan of Henry's reign (and ofc Bryans). Man do I miss dominant heels.
  14. Mo' Money Mo' Problems.

    Besides it sucks live or taped either way.
  15. WWE can easily afford to take Smackdown live weekly. It would also lover the risk of spoilers leaking which is most often a big turn of for people thinking of watching it. If they find out the entire show two days beforehand. Whats the need for watching?
  16. The thing is, the cards are the same. Both RAW and SmackDown almost have the same cards for over one or two months. So, why going to SmackDown if you can see the same thing on RAW?
  17. That's the worse thing about Supershows. Same people in both shows, why should I watch both?

    And I loved seeing a dominating heel who's not a coward and beats people clean. Seeing Henry beat Orton cleanly at NoC and HIAC was very, very nice to watch (not the matches, the results).
  18. They could probably afford it but even when it's live Smackdown doesn't pull in great ratings at all so it would take a while to recoup the extra amount which is probably putting them off. Not to mention it would undermine Raw as the flagship show.
  19. True. A thing they could do to at least attempt to prevent spoiler leakage is not have so many dies between taping and airing. They tape Smackdown on Tuesdays and air on Fridays. That leaves Wednesday and Thursday to allow spoilers to leak online. By moving taping to Wednesdays at least lovers the time for spoilers to leak.
  20. Spoilers usually break as the show is in progress so IMO that wouldn't really help. Look at Raw in London, we had spoilers on here.
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