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  1. After November 19, Spike TV will be airing the best of TNA rather than TNA Impact, which is a very bad sign for the struggling wrestling program

    After it looked like TNA’s Spike TV program, Impact Wrestling, would not be renewed and the company would subsequently go under, the news got better. Soon, it looked like it would only be a matter of time before TNA and Spike TV actually announced a new TV deal.
    Instead, Spike TV won’t have TNA Impact in the lineup on November 26.

    According to, Spike TV is not slated to air another new episode of impact after November 19.

    SpikeTV’s official website has the film “End of Watch” listed in “IMPACT WRESTLING’s” usual time slot on Nov. 26, which was when the first edition of the “Best of IMPACT WRESTLING” was slated to air. TNA has “Best of IMPACT WRESTLING” editions of their program scheduled to air until the end of 2014.

    While SpikeTV claims it will continue to show “IMPACT WRESTLING” through December and that their removal of the program on Nov. 26 is a one night thing, they’ve also stated the program may not air on Dec. 24 or Dec. 31.

    This is obviously terrible news for the company. They don’t currently have any other tapings scheduled this year so they may be leaving Spike with no alternative anyway. If there is program, they can’t just keep airings best of’s.

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  2. It really looks like things are winding down over there.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. yea I think ur right
  5. This was announced months ago.

    After this last set of tapings that wrap up on November 19, TNA was going to go out this year with these "Best of TNA" clip shows. Spike TV thinking that movies would draw better ratings than that isn't very surprising. The fact that they didn't record TV up to the deadline is a worry, but whatever.

    I believe Jan. 4 is the day TNA fans need to be concerned about, that's when the deal is up. Until then, nothing matters.
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  6. "best of TNA" oxymoron :pipebomb:
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  7. buildness!!!!
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  8. Ironic if they do go out on Jan 4.

    And to think Gohan was right. :lol1:
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  9. I got the date wrong, it's January 7th. First Wednesday of January... but just to act like I didn't fuck up hard...

    On the fifth anniversary of TNA signing the almighty Hulkster to lead the charge into a NEW ERA BROTHER, TNA winds up going out of business because Vince Russo accidentally sent an email to the wrong person. SWERVE

    The only way Leo C's life would be more complete is if the "Death of TNA" DVD is narrated by Backlund.
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  10. Hogan got what he wanted out of the deal. $
  11. The only thing I could think when reading the OP was, "All three of those dates are holidays or very near holidays, when quite a few channels change their lineups, so that seems fine." The whole TFA out of buildness thing has been going on for months now, so this isn't anything new or earth shattering. Like Snow said, basically have to just wait till January to find out what ultimately will happen.
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  12. Hope it doesn't end... too many good wrestlers that probably don't be on worldwide TV after this, unless GFW's TV show is a reality and gets picked up by a good network (also it doesn't guarantee that Challenge TV would continue to broadcast wrestling here, so I'd be stuck with just WWE because I dislike watching online).
  13. Oh look, a retard promotion ran by retard people going outta business. What a shock.
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  14. I think I'm going to write "Vince Russo drove TNA out of business by sending an e-mail to the wrong dude" on a piece of paper and always have it around for me to read it when I'm sad. It'll definitely improve my life.
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  15. TNA = FSW

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