Battleground Bad ticket sales?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. From the WWE Rumor Mill: Bad ticket sales for Battleground

    According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Battleground ticket sales are not yielding the results the WWE expects for a show in Philadelphia

    The WWE regard cities like Chicago, New York City, and Philadelphia as some of their strongest markets that bring in good money. However, despite this hardcore fanbase, the WWE seems to be having trouble selling tickets for Battleground and they are reportedly offering discounts on seats by as much as $20.

    One of the reasons for the decline in sales could be the fans’ displeasure with the overabundance of rematches on the card. However, there is also a strong chance that fans recollection of the Punjabi Prison matches of the past caused fans to lose interest in the next phase of the Mahal-Orton main event.

    I'm not surprised if this is true. Orton is a piece of shit main eventer. Mahal has been interesting to watch as champion but I'm just so sick of watching every match he has with Randy Orton. That dude needs to goooo.
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  2. I think the SmackDown creative team needs to "mix things up a bit" and try and
    build for some matches we haven't seen before.

    Cena vs. Corbin...with Corbin going over...
    Styles vs. Rusev...with Styles retaining...
    Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens...I would guess Nakamura would have to go over right?
    Naomi vs. Natalya...Carmella teases a cash in...
    Charlotte vs. Tamina...with Tamina going over thanks to Lana...
    Becky vs. Carmella...with Carmella going over clean...NO FUCKING ELLSWORTH!!!
    Mojo Rawley vs. Zach Ryder...

    The Battleground Card could have been so much more interesting...but I hopefully
    the blue brand will provide some great Summerslam matches.

  3. No interest. A brand that's falling apart and...

    It's #194 on the list of why the ticket sales are bad, but is it just me or is "WWE Battleground" one of the most damaged PPV names? I read about Battleground and remember a super-filler PPV in 2013 that had a main event finish of Big Show running in and knocking both guys out.
  4. Well...I absolutely loved Battleground 2016...but then I've never seen
    any of the earlier Battleground shows. I'm not really interested in watching
    older pay per views.
  5. Well then, lets have fun then and jump in the New Day-Lorean because IT'S TIME! TO GO BACK IN TIME!!!

    (looking at the top 3 matches + the women's match + anything else of interest here)

    so the 2016 show happened, and it had the overarching story of "who's going to have the title as the brands are splitting up these next two nights??
    okay, that's a great way to get a pay-per-view on the right foot, and I totally forgot the Shield Triple Threat happened at this show! Yay!
    That was really good!


    and the recap I was reading had this picture, soooo...

    Anyway there was the Cena/Enzo/Cass vs AJ/Gallows/Anderson six man that was a good match and SO MUCH BETTER IN HINDSIGHT, but this show was obviously stolen by Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens in a forgotten classic, as well as the sorta debut of Bayley... Man, one year ago this was a massive pop moment that would have left people so disappointed if it wasn't Bayley. She was so supernaturally over and beloved... screw you Raw writers... screw you...

    This show was a blast to watch. In hindsight, it's even better....

    2015, though? You had a main event of Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins that ended after 8 minutes when Undertaker teleported in and kicked Lesnar in the balls. That's less good.

    ...then CENA WINS LOL. Ahh yes, when Kevin Owens had a string of nothing but good matches coming up from NXT and then immediately feuded with Cena and everyone was PUMPED for the era of Owens... how far we've come indeed. This was strangely the worst of Cena, I've always said this feud didn't damage KO as you could have stuck him in the next main event, but he never truly main-evented again after this. And gosh this feud was absolute horseshit for anything that didn't involve Machine Gun Kelly meeting his untimely demise.

    You were out of your head, you were out of your mind. And bad things happened to you tonight.

    also #IgnoreReigns's push really started to show the cracks of being past the point of no return here, as he faced Bray Wyatt in a match that was a real struggle to care about... and WYATT WON. due to a random Luke Harper return but I totally forgot and can't imagine Wyatt pinning Roman in any way shape or form... Charlotte vs Sasha vs Brie Bella also happened. I'm laughing right there with you.

    Then there was 2014, a show I remember REALLY looking forward to... when #IgnoreReigns got his first solo main event... I hated this at the time, because it was so forced and manufactured. The month before, Seth Rollins stabbed his Shield brothers in the back when he hit Ambrose and Reigns with a chair, and... Ambrose went after Rollins to feud with him while Roman kept all the Shield stuff and just kinda floated up to the title picture, and Triple H just announcing him as contender didn't help. That was so awful in storyline... Stay gone Triple H... but John Cena painfully obviously won a fatal 4 way with for the vacant title setting up the BEST MAIN EVENT EVER at Summerslam 2014. Seriously I know you don't care about watching that but I still giggle every time (even though that was the birth and reason for Suplex City and why people love Brock to begin with)... as for the match? It was Cena, same old Orton, really green Roman and motherfucking Kane in there. What do you expect...

    also Chris Jericho pinned Bray Wyatt clean, and I turned the show off then and posted in the rate thread that Wyatt was dead. It's been three years... The match on the card I was most looking forward to, of course, was Dean and Seth which never happened and turned into a parking lot brawl. Think that's why Battleground has the stigma it does for me moreso than anything else... Then there was the Fall 2014 Women's Division, when I also posted that it "killed women's wrestling forever" so lol @ me, but good grief. That AJ Lee vs Paige feud, right before Bella VS Bella. DO NOT GO BACK AND WATCH THIS.

    then Battleground 2013 was the infamous show where Daniel Bryan's quest for the championship stolen by him by Triple H and giftwrapped to Randy Orton, playing the corporate choice (when the Authority had a reason to exist) was designed to end, as Big Show lumbered into the ring after a few minutes and punched both contestants out. Yay. This was before the Network, by the way. People paid $54.99 for this... This show also had a sleeper MOTYC well worth going back and watching, with the Shield (represented by Rollins and Reigns) vs the Rhodes Brothers (Cody and Golddust), titles vs careers match. Very good, very emotional showing from these four... CM Punk defeated Ryback as well, when I think Paul Heyman was supposed to be attacked but he retreated to the back or some other lack of closure moment... and then AJ Lee faced Brie Bella because Total Divas

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  6. I did...Thank you for writing it...

    Hell Yeah! A fantastic of the best I saw in 2016.

    I know...its amazing to think how little they did with Bayley as a character
    and now how far she has fallen.

    Rumor is they are trying to build her up again...but the damage has been
    done. May-be Bayley could dye her hair blonde and start wearing tiny
    wrestling shorts?


    Nice image of Sasha...who was recently in Australia for some reason...
    not sure why...but she was nowhere near my its not like
    I could do anything about it.

    Now if it was Charlotte I would have crawled across broken glass to
    get near her...and then probably made a fool out of myself.


    And I doubt Charlotte would let me kiss her feet in public...

    Wait...did I just type that?
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  7. The show is headlined with a Punjabi Prison match... of course it won't sell.

    Unless a shit ton of good wreslting happens this match, blood is drawn and somebody goes crushing through the freaking bamboo then Battleground is toast.
  8. Guess this can be my thread to type this...

    Why is Road Dogg in charge of Smackdown creative? Seriously, that requires an answer at this point.
    That decision has been an absolute disaster for the brand. How could WWE think their current direction is okay, given how much better off Smackdown was in the past?
    Even though the Superstar Shake-Up hurt the brand a lot by taking 3 of the 4 most heavily promoted talents, it's not like anyone has shined whatsoever since the switch.
    MAYBE, Ryan Ward is booking the tag division. Breezango and the Fashion Files are fun, the Urban Usos are killing it, the New Day feels... fresher, at least?

    Even here's the issue with that... Xavier pinned Uso #1, then Uso #2 pinned Kofi this week. Two weeks of meaningless anti-build. Bring back Ryan Ward. Get some people over.

    The last PPV I've seen with this little hype was TLC 2015, when a hyped tournament and the intrigue of a possible heel turn ended with fucking Sheamus as champion and the Midcard Mafia/League of Urinations on our TV and just a real downer of a time after a real downer of a year... Everyone remembers the ending of that show, when #IgnoreReigns actually got face pops for all of 2 weeks. Good job WWE! Hey Miz, someone deserves a participation award! But hey, maybe this year's can follow suit right........yeah lol

    I look at the roster and see what's potentially an absolutely loaded midcard as spelled out in the SD thread, the tag division is really good, the women... they're kinda trying with? Maybe?
    But this main event scene is the fucking worrrrsssssttttttt. It's so off-putting watching all this amazing talent on this roster while this jobber runs around with the belt and feud with a 13 time champion who really seems like he hasn't done a single thing in eight years with Cena and Baron Corbin waiting in the wings and... It's so weak. So boring. WWE almost could have a monster on their hands if they called up a few ladies and put Raw's main event scene on Smackdown for one amazing show.

    You can't even do the Cena/Mahal match right right now, because A: you're relying on patriotism in 2017 lol, and B: when you throw a guy like Jinder against Cena - especially ALL-AMERICAN HERO CENA, Jinder becomes "young talent" on top of a massive underdog, and the dynamics get so screwed up.. as if they weren't with Jinder already. Mahal is supposed to be some kayfabe nobody who paid his friends to help him win matches... but he's almost portrayed as a babyface with the underdog aura they build around him. And I doubt it's merely a ploy for India since the rest of this show it so US-friendly and... anyway, you have a Punjabi Prison match which storyline-wise is stupid because this jobber can't win without the help of his friends so lol here's two cages, but it's just going to wind up having the Singhs hold down Orton or more of Orton violently tossing dudes into bamboo to no reaction because nobody can see shit while Jinder just kinda climbs out the other side and... Why did AJ Styles lose the belt?

    Speaking of Raw, my goodness. I miss the days where I begged wrestlers to get on Smackdown, man. How do you have a guy like a Sami Zayn. Who coming out of NXT was OBVIOUSLY the next top face of the company. Had all the heat and good will imaginable on his side, and after he got lost in the shuffle on Raw you bring him to SD and somehow he's EVEN WORSE OFF. I don't understand how that's even possible... but then again Shinsuke Nakamura is just another guy, American Alpha flopped, and wow this is really dark.

    How many matches on this card exist for the sake of existing? The women's match should be good, but they keep building to these multi-women matches which is the worst thing WWE can do, since building to them just means putting filler matches on TV, but the last time we got a storyline The Weather Channel was a thing... whatever, New Day/Usos should be good again. The other matches barely have a chance at being passable and... Have you seen this roster? How do you put together a match card like this!? How does this happen?!

    EDIT: AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens will be good of course, but they'll hold back for the Summerslam rematch surely. I totally forgot that was on this card lol
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