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Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Solidus, Jan 1, 2015.

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    You may have noticed this feature by now, and I'll give some details of how it all works here.
    Badges are tied into trophy points, which you earn by posting, getting ratings, and so on.
    More trophy points = more badges. More badges = higher level

    If you go to your profile and select the Badges tab, you'll see 4 categories:

    Posts: Badges earned by increasing your post count
    Ratings: Badges earned by receiving ratings on your posts (Like, Agree, etc..)
    Bets: Badges earned by betting on wrestling and winning
    Misc: Badges earned for various things such as upgrading to Legend, getting threads featured, and earning more forum cash

    Here's an image from my profile for posting badges,


    You can see the Clean Victory badge is my most recently earned, and below where it says "MVP" is what I'll earn next.

    You'll find member levels in a few places, on the member card:


    and on profiles:


    Some badges will earn you forum cash, these are:

    Earn the "Gambler" badge - $50
    Earn the "Experienced Gambler" badge - $200
    Earn the "Hustler" badge - $500
    Earn the "Featured" badge - $50
    Earn the "Featured X" badge - $250
    Earn the "Featured XXV" badge - $500
    Earn the "WWE Mark" badge - $150
    Earn the "Super Poster" badge - $100
    Earn the "Mega Poster" badge - $200
    Earn the "Uber Poster" badge - $400
    Earn the "Colossal Poster" badge - $500

    So that's about it. I plan to add plenty more badges and trophies in future.
    Any questions? :smug:
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  2. The new theme and all these features are just... Too sweet.

    - No questions. Just a huge Thank You! Thank you and the rest of the crew for keeping this place so awesome! Keep it up.

  3. Oh, and when you feature a badge, it displays in posts as you can see under my name. <-
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  4. Yeah, man. It's rad, digging it!
  5. I went from level 21 this morning to level 20 now? @Solidus
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  6. I don't want to clog threads up with posts that are unnecessary, but I just have to mention that I think this is a great idea. I really like how this forum keeps having features uncommon to wrestling websites. Great idea.
  7. I adjusted a few trophies and recalculated, it will happen a few more times until I get it just right.

    Glad you like it :bodallas:
  8. Honestly think it's a bit pointless, if it was free then whatever but if you paid for this then I'd personally say a waste of money.
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  9. It's an interesting concept, don't hate it but also don't really care for it.. but hey it's not going to turn me away from the forums so whatever I suppose.
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  10. I like 'em.
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  11. It just extends the trophy system. You could use it to display that you are the best gambler here.
  12. Fair enough, I thought it was a whole new plugin bought just for some things that display pretty irrelevant info.

    Lol, I'll pass on that one
  13. So I've added lots more badges (hence the alerts), you can see them by going to your profile and selecting the badges tab.
    The misc group of badges are greyed out if you haven't earned them -> all the other groups are a step by step deal.
    Max level is now 50, and it's much more linear.
  14. Fucking hell, looked up and saw 46 alerts I was like what the fuck :lol1:
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  15. These "You made X amount of threads in a section" award will probably send some people to make a shit ton of threads.
  16. Same, I had 49 though. Thought Action Jackson spammed on my status or something. :dawg:
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  17. Thought Nero was back and spamming the shit out of the IWT section.

    I had 41 :((
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  18. What's undisputed champion's post amount? Doesn't say for me.
  19. You'll find out when you unlock it :bodallas:
  20. 30,000