Badly edited clip of the Shield from last nights Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. That clip last night on Raw of the Shield backstage was very badly edited the camera angles changing constantely all them looking differentely as it changed was so messy WTF was that. All 3 will be destroyed at TLC thanks to Ryback
  2. It was intentional.
  3. Yeah agree was really poor from WWE's part. They really should have cameras that are better quality than that.
  4. Do I sense a hint of sarcasm? :maybe:
    WELCOME. BACK TO REALITY, RYBACK!" - :idontcare:

    This alone made the entire segment 10/10.
  6. Not at all :otunga:
  7. /thread
  8. It was sloppy and looked unprofessional
  9. Re: RE: Badly edited clip of the Shield from last nights Raw

    That was the point, they're vigilantes so shouldn't have perfect camera angles.
  10. Ambrose reminded me of a loose cannon era Pillman, crazy hair and all. :nope: :idontcare:
  11. Re: RE: Badly edited clip of the Shield from last nights Raw

    Honestly I can't think of a much higher compliment.
  12. He's definitely heads and tails above the other two on the mic. I think he should be the one who takes Ryback out at TLC with something crazy. A signature weapon of sorts. Actually I'm gonna start a thread about this, lol.
  13. Thinks it wasn't intentional... :facepalm:

    What more can I say.
  14. Does anybody have the link to this clip?
  15. I've posted about this before, let me reiterate...

    I agree and disagree with BLFFL.

    I disagree because it WAS suppose to be like that. It's an effect. The idea behind this effect is suppose to scare and/or excite you. It makes you feel like you're watching some secret video that you're not suppose to be seeing. A lot of the time, this effect is used to try and scare you. The Paranormal Activity movies use said effect as well.

    However, I also agree with BLFFL because of what I said earlier:
    And some didn't really get what I meant by that. Like I said, I personally love that "shitty connection" effect, but what I meant when I said it was not edited well was because they re-used footage transitioning between what was said between The Shield members, you're not suppose to do that. If you watch it again, you will notice that they re-used footage of when the camera was pointing at the ceiling from the very beginning of the video. That's makes no sense. You're suppose to be consistent with your footage unless you really want to emphasize that part of the video, like say, having Reigns saying "we shield the WWE from injustice" over and over again as if it was a broken record player. That's why it just didn't look right to me. If you want to see how the effect is properly used, go to this video and start from 0:40. You can have a better understanding of what I mean about not re-using footage unless you want to emphasize something.

    But as from what I've seen, no one really sees how it's visually confusing and wrong, so I'm just going to shut up about it now, lol.
  16. I watched last nights Raw earlier.
    I thought it was creative. Like they are trying something new.
    I actually enjoyed it. Its wasn't bad in my book.
  17. How about we all just :fap: to --> :nope:
  18. :fap: :nope:
  19. Shoddy camera work by a bunch of nobodies who will never make it big

    Heres the clip from Raw
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