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  1. So we have all these happy, jolly go lucky threads for Christmas...
    What do you not like about Christmas, or the Christmas season?
  2. I hate crappy Christmas specials....
  3. Most Christmas themed movies or TV shows are corny tbh. lol
  4. I did enjoy "Love Actually" though my internet kicked me off Netflix before I finished watching it. :annoyed:
    A hole lotta Brit in dat movie. And that dude that plays Rick in the Walking Dead... Yeah I don't know actor names. :haha:
  5. Overrated holiday. Would rather sleep.
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  6. I hate the crappy Xmas songs.
  7. Christmas**

    You need Jesus.
  8. I despise the Salvation Army bell ringers. Not personally, but for the organization they represent. My wife used to work for them, and she ended up having a lot of money from her paychecks not show up. When we tried to get answers, we were told the records were lost. Right.
  9. I love Christmas its about the only time of the year I'm really happy.
  10. Cold, snow, pretending to like shitty gifts.
  11. I don't like how stressful the season can be and the very repetitive Christmas music.
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  12. The materialism, greed, being made to feel you're a letdown if you can't afford much for people, the overplaying of Christmas music, selfishness, depressed drunks.
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  13. Fuck snow, fuck negative temps, fuck the holiday rushes at places, fuck the assholes who get married around Christmas, fuck the idiots who think Christmas is made for Jesus, fuck the people who cannot accept it's a Holiday of material goods. At least Thanksgiving is good food, all we have here is a bunch of assholes getting even more drunk and telling people if they cannot accept Jesus, they can get out of MY country. Oh, fuck those idiots especially, My Packers, My game, My bar, My beer. Nope.
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  14. I feel this and then some. Every year I see my nieces, cousins, ect become materialistic and greedy. This year my husband and I can't buy gifts for everyone and it is bothering me. It shouldn't bother me though. I just hate the whole idea around Christmas being about gifts instead of just being thankful to have your family/friends in your life.
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  15. I forgot the xmas music. thanksgiving wasnt even over before that shit changed over. Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated as a way to get families together to enjoy each others company. From that day until Jan 2nd, everyone is an asshole.
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  16. the 2 things i look forward to the most is christmas dinner and elf
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