Bahrain GP

Discussion in 'Sports' started by euantor, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. So who else is watching it? Pre-race show on Sky Sports F1 right now. Going to be an interesting race. Nico Rosberg in pole with Seb taking second on the grid and Alonso in third.
  2. Really wanted to watch this, but football is on. I have it recorded though.

    Rosberg has had numerous issues hasn't he? I don't see him winning. I see Alonso taking this.
  3. Yeah, but he's done pretty well to take pole. We'll have to see what happens. it's officially started now, with Rosberg in first and Vettel in second.
  4. Oooh, this battle between Rosberg and Vettel is intense. Vettel took first for less than a second in a turn before Rosberg took it back. Defending very aggressively right now.
  5. I really hope Vettel doesn't win. Something about him just urks me.
  6. Yeah, we shall have to see. Very interesting race so far. Vettel is first atm with Rosberg in second after having just overtaken Alonso.
  7. Lol god dammit. :emoji_slight_frown:

    FU Vettel.
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  8. And so Vettel takes first, with Raikkonen second and Grosjean third. Exact same podium winners as the 2012 Bahrain GP. Nice to see Lotus take both second and third.
  9. Nice for Lotus, but I'm pissed that Vettel one. I honestly thought Alonso would get this one.
  10. Alonso wasn't even in the top three :emoji_slight_frown:
  11. How was Hamilton?
  12. Hamilton finished 5th I believe Crayo
  13. Yeah, the top ten was:
    1. Vettel
    2. Kimi
    3. Romain
    4. Di Resta
    5. Hamilton
    6. Perez
    7. Webber
    8. Alonso
    9. Rosberg
    10. Button
    I feel bad because Fernando deserved to be in the top, fuck the DRS
  14. Yeah, Alonso was really unlucky with his rear wing fucking up so early on.
  15. The race would be awesome if the rear wing was good... What a bad race for Ferrari
  16. Ive been to see a race in Bahrain :emoji_grin:
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  17. Well done man
  18. I have family that moved there form Scotland so i go every year to see them and a few years back i saw a race.
  19. Was it a good experience? Did you see Alonso wining? Could you touch Alonso or Schumacher? These questions are really important, I'm a huge fan of Alonso and Schumacher
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  20. It was great to see but I cant remember what racers it was lol, I think it was a Grand Prix.
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