Bale & Cristiano vs Messi & Neymar

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  1. Which one is best?
    Which one are you more excited to see?
    Which one will work best together?
  2. This is it.
  3. So You say Messi and neymar have some sort of trouble, but they have already shown what they can do together ? They've done nothing so far
  4. Yeah they have. I think it was against Malaga when they both played together from the beginning.
  5. Ronaldo > Messi
    Bale > Neymar

    Deal with it :tough:
  6. That isn't what FIFA says :pity: Ribery>
  7. Fuck FIFA and fuck Blatter!
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  8. And fuck you :ksi:
  9. messi is better then ronaldo and neymar is better then bale if neymar played in the premiership and moved to barca his fee would of been more then bales easily just look at what he has done for brazil and look at what he did for santos and the lad is like three years younger then bale.
    Sorry madrid fans i just think barca are still the better team these days.
  10. No doubt about your last afirmation, but Neymar isn't better than Bale. Yeah, he's younger and probably faster, but not better. He could've been in the rest of the Euro leagues and his fee would've increased a lot, that's true, and that is because his skills would have increased as well. In Barcelona he'll improve a lot, no doubt about that and he'll be better than what he is now. Neymar isn't a fully developed player while Bale, Ronaldo and Messi are it.
  11. I knew I had your poster on my wall for a reason, Blatter is a serious bellend
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  12. Here in spain everyone says that while Neymar has won the Confe cup and the Brazilian league, Bale hasnt acomplished anything in his career. Last time I checked, been considered the best player of the BEST LEAGUE IN THE WORLD is a big acomplished. With people like Mata, Van Persie, Rooney, Hazard, Aguero, Tevez and many other top player, been considered the best of the 12/13 season is something big.
  13. Bale won a carling cup also.
  14. lol that means nothing its the the least important cup you can posibly win being a top flight club in england.
  15. You shouldnt underestimate the south american leagues they have got alot stronger the past few years also playing for brazil is just as good as playing in europe arguabely van persie was as good as bale last year same as suarez the only reason suarez isn't lookd at in the same light is because of his discipline imo bale is overrated i honestly see him fizzling out in madrid.
  16. Its still a cup though, you can't reaally say Bale hasn't won anything when well he has ;-]
  17. Its like saying david moyes has won a trophy becaus he won the comunity shield though.
  18. Messi is better than Ronaldo by far.
    Neymar is better than Bale by a little bit.

    Bale is too hyped imo, hes all pace and shot. He cant even use his right foot much, havent seen any defense shattering throughs from him either.

    Ozil imo was better than bale, so i would say selling ozil to support bale is a bad move for madrid. Ozil is a top top player, perhaps the best in the world in that hole behind the striker currently.
  19. Personally? As of right now, Ronaldo is on better form than anyone else on this planet. Despite being injured, Bale has been part of the reason why Madrid could go for a treble as it's guaranteed that Bale will either score one goal or have an assist. I might be bias but Ronaldo and Bale are better imo.
  20. Ronaldo and Bale for me.

    Not sure how Bale is doing in La Liga as I don't watch it that much but Ronaldo is by far the best player on the planet right now. I still think Neymar is quite overrated.
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