Bale matches Messi

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Mar 30, 2013.

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  1. Only one player has scored as many goals as Messi from outside the area in the top five European Leagues this season, and it's Gareth Bale.

    Yeah I chose that title to draw you in here to post that. While it may be a "cool story bro" type moment, I'm curious as to whether people think Bale can reach the level of Ronaldo/Messi? And where do you think he'll end up?
  2. He can reach the level if he leaves Spurs.
  3. Very hard to say imo, he's been extremely hit and miss until this and maybe last season so I think we need to see him consistently perform at this level for a couple more seasons before we talk about comparing him to Messi and Ronaldo imo, but if he does keep it up, which I think he will, then yes, I can see him reaching that level or at least Iniesta level in the near future. As of where I think he will go I honestly have no clue, there is huge rumors of him going to Real but I not only desperately do not want to see this, I don't think it will happen, I think he'll at least stay for Spur's CL run nect season and depending on how far they go he will look for other options or stay, if he does leave however I can see the most likely candidates being United, he's just what they need right now and are a big enough club to realistically look at CL glory.
  4. United won't pay what spurs want if he left he'll go to city chelsea or psg
  5. Nope, not on the same planet. He's good but not their level.
  6. United "apparently" enquired about him and Daniel Levy had a price of £70 million, and United rightly said :gtfo:.

    He won't go to PSG imo, I think Real is the most likely. Ronaldo is eventually going to leave and they need a player close to his standard and young, and Bale is the closest player to Ronaldo I can think of.
  7. He's too young for been compare with Messi or CR7.

    Madrid might pay all that much for him
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