TV Ballers starring that bloke who used to wrestle.

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  1. Anybody caught the first two episodes of this yet? It's nice to see The Rock move away from all those action style films into something a bit more relaxed as Spencer (a retired NFL player who's scored a job at a wealth management firm for his contacts mainly.)
  2. I heard about this, but I haven't caught any of it yet. Might watch just for The Rock.
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  3. I'll be checking this show out just for da Rock.
  4. Just done watching the first two episodes from this show and all I can say is, I'll keep watching.
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  5. Reckon Charles is going to make a run at the league again? Or is he gonna just sell cars?
  6. I believe Charles is gonna make a run at the league again, I think.
    I mean, that's what I'd do.
  7. I liked episode #3.

    Man, that little fuckboy Reg is pushing it. Can't wait to see Spencer give him an asswhooping of a lifetime.
  8. So, the fourth ep was solid.

    Charles is in a lotta troubletroubletrouble. Vernon is an ungrateful sumbitch, aaaand I'm so gonna enjoy Spencer beating that little fuckboy Reg. I hope they do it soon!

    Joe is awesome and Ricky/Alonzo feud is entertaining.
  9. Episode #5 was hilarious, loved it!

    Charles imagining Sammy while shagging his own wife and Ricky saving 'Zo from the 'cop' was awesome!
  10. Yo, @seabs

    You watched the 6th ep yet or what? This show is good shit, m8
  11. Not yet. I'll catch it today, it's been renewed for a second season already which is cool. Just Googled it, the guy who plays Ricky is Denzel Washington's kid? Da fuq.
  12. I wanna watch the whole first season back to back when it's all readily available to watch, I heard it's great though.
  13. Cool to hear that a second season is on the way.

    As far as Ricky being Denzel's kid goes, I didn't know that.
  14. Ricky dropping the :pipebomb: about his dad as the reason he wears 18 was really cool. Looks like he's got the league back on side. I'm a bit disappointed they dropped the Charles back to the league story for this affair stuff. Reggie needs to get knocked the fuck out also.
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  15. - Yeah, bro. That Ricky stuff was cool. Wondering if they'll ever reveal his daddy...

    - I hope they go back to Charles contemplating of returning to the league in the second season.

    - Oh, hell yeah. I am gonna enjoy that immensely when that happens.
  16. HEY, SEAB!

    Charles is most likely gonna make a run at the league again, yes!

    - Quote of the ep goes to Spencer: 'Balling for the pussy'. lol

    Also, Ricky acting out was gold!
  17. Ep #8 was good.

    Charles is gonna make a run at the league again, yay!

    LOL at Ricky and Joe. Love those crazy bastards!
  18. I loved episode #9.

    Spencer making amends with Dan was such a feel-good moment.

    Charles failing to impress Seifert and falling flat on his ass, I did kinda expect. But, I'm positive he'll make it to the league again. Speaking of being 'positive', Charles is back home and his lady tells him she's pregnant. His reaction was priceless. I'm gonna be a daddy? Yaaay? lol

    Ricky's the man! Quote of the episode goes to him: 'I figure if I put it here, every time I walk through the door, I'll be thinking of you. And bananas. It's symbolic, though. It reminds me also that I'm done with low-hanging fruit. I want what's high in the tree. Reaching for the sky. I want a coconut. I want you. You're my beautiful coconut.' :lol1:
    That was lovely, but Bella just brushed him off and rightfully so...

    And last, but not least, I'm glad Vernon's finally seeing Reggie for a fuckboy he is. Still hoping Spencer to kick his ass someday, though.
  19. Season finale was good. Happy endings for everyone! :woohoo:
  20. The Rock on a TV show? Way better than watching through those over juiced franchises he's been apart of as of late.
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