News Balls Mahoney Passes Away

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Apr 12, 2016.

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  1. Whoa. Talk about completely out of left field. Both of the "The Hardcore Chair Swingin' Freaks" are now dead, and two months from each other. They were one of my favorite ECW acts and it's so sad to see this news and so unexpected too.

  2. Damn. I was in legit shock.
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    I hate hearing about people dying so young...
  4. Rest in peace. :sad1:
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  5. Rip the chair king
  6. Gotta love late night typos
  7. Honestly surprised Balls lasted as long as he did.

    Dude lived a hard life
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  8. Absolutely agree.

    Wow. Balls was without a doubt the nicest and most appreciative wrestler I ever met in my life. I'll never forget how he spent over an hour outside this little arena in Racine, WI signing pieces of a broken table and taking the time to talk to every fan out there. He was all smiles and just genuinely a nice guy.
  9. When not being batshit insane and injecting blood into his arms then? Because Balls did that.
  10. I completely agreed with you that he lived a hard life and did crazy shit but that has zero bearing on him nice guy. I met him at least five times and he was just a really kind guy who took the time to show his fans that he appreciated them.
  11. I don't doubt that he was a nice guy. Even the kindest of person has quirks so to speak.

    It's just a shame that he's another one in the long list of wrestlers who fell victim to his vices. I don't think there's a cause of death out yet but it would sadly not surprise me to see it be drug related
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  12. Absolutely right on all counts. Wouldn't surprise me at all and it makes me pretty sad.

    Hell in his late 20s he looked like he was in his late 50s
  13. Balls fit the ECW style perfectly. He was the shits as a wrestler, but a goddamn entertainer. Sucked that his WWE run and life ran so short. I loved his original ECW stint. Long Live Balls.
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