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    Extreme Rules: AJ v Reigns

    Reigns gets the upper hand and spears AJ through the announce table. The Club runs in and attacks Roman putting him through a barricade and then the Usos come to attempt to fend off the Club but after a bit they are unsuccessful and they get berated on. Gallows throws Roman in the ring and Karl picks up AJ and brings him to the ring, they hold Roman up and give AJ a chair and AJ hesitates, drops the chair and orders them out. While watching them walk back up the ramp Roman gets up and spears him once he turns around picking up the win and escapes quickly after seeing Doc and Karl running back to the ring, Anderson and Gallows stand in the ring over AJ and look at each. They pick him up and deliver a Boot of Doom- PPV Ends

    NXT Take Over: Samoa Joe v Finn Balor

    Balor fights the match of his life, he doesn’t even let Joe get any offense. It’s completely one sided but after Balor prepares for a double foot stomp but out of nowhere Joe gets up and strikes Balor in the gut wounding him on the top rope letting Joe perform a muscle buster and pick up the win. Finn is shocked and pissed and after a couple of seconds he somehow gets up and attacks Joe brutally with countless head strikes and strikes using the title, he needs to be stopped so Regal sends down security but they still can’t stop him. While this happening, Regal is on the runway getting closer and closer yelling at Balor if he doesn’t stop he will be suspended. Finn calms down and yells to Regal “give me one more chance” and Regal replies “I already gave you chances”; Finn then targets Regal. After convincingly beating down Regal he leaves. Next day, WWE publish Finn Balor has been suspended.

    Raw 13th June:

    MITB ladder match announced with one participate titled “One member of the Club”. While everyone in the match stands in the ring with Shane McMahon you hear a huge pop from the crowd, the camera pans up to see Finn Balor at the top of the crowd. Shane addresses him and tells him that his suspension included being banned from attending WWE events and gets security to escort him out but Finn keeps running and throughout the show you just hear pop after pop when Finn keeps emerging place after place to then be chased away again.


    He appears in the last segment, consisting of a stare off from Roman Reigns and Chris Jericho (Yes, I think Jericho will have a title shot) and the crowd goes crazy.


    The ladder match starts, Gallows and Ken come out last together, Karl gets in the ring and Gallows jumps the barricade and sits in the crowd (There is no sign of Balor), the match goes on and nothing funny happens with the Balor club. It gets to a point everyone is down apart from Ken and AJ and they are on top of the ladder, they are trading punches until Karl sacrifices himself by jerking the ladder to one side knocking both of them out of the ring. Everyone is down and out and has had enough but then you hear the crowd go crazy, Balor emerges from the crowd and runs towards the ring, he pulls off his jacket and gives it to Doc and then jumps the barricade, picks up the ladder and takes the briefcase. The crowd has no idea what this means and a wounded Karl, Gallows and Balor leave through the crowd holding up the briefcase.

    If you enjoyed reading this, I can publish the rest I will write. This is just my dream introduction to the Balor Club and I realise it’s unlikely to occur similar to this. And everything you will question will be answered when the storyline continues.
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  2. Publish the rest!
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  3. This is more of a 'Be The Booker' material, buddy. @Solidus do your magic.
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  4. This is good, I could see the storyline going this direction, especially the part where Balor wins MitB it makes alot of sense.
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  5. Next Raw:

    At this point Stephanie and Shane are co-operative and seem to be getting along, they both come out to address the crowd about the briefcase. While they seem to be getting aggressive the camera pans to the crowd entrance gate where Balor holding the MITB (which has been painted black with the Balor club logo), Karl and Gallows walk down to the front row of the crowd and just sit. Stephanie screams at him but he simply ignores her, she gets up and goes directly to him and demands him to acknowledge her but after refusing she slaps him and he just gets up and leave. She then announces an MITB rematch against AJ Styles and Kevin Owens for the new briefcase tonight and mid-way through the match the Balor club come down and do a shield style beat down. Finn then grabs the mic and finally talks; “Stephanie, check the paperwork” and raw ends with them leaving through the crowd again.

    Next Raw after;

    Shane opens the show but barely mentions Balor, he mentions other stuff like the Tag team and Women’s division but not Balor, Shane finishes and goes to leave the ring when Balor club emerge from the crowd and sit in the same front row seats but Shane still walks away. Mid-show and a backstage segment feature Stephanie looking through the paperwork when Shane walks in, she tells him the computer files have been deleted and the paper files on Finn Balor suspension are missing and the paperwork of the MITB match. Shane helps her look and asks Stephanie what does this mean, she replies she needs them to legally arrest Balor. The main even begins against AJ and Roman and AJ keeps looking back to the Balor Club who had spent the whole night sitting at ringside, AJ gets sick of the paranoia and goes to attack Balor but Gallows hits him and the Gallows and Karl jump the barricade and attack both but Finn remains sitting. Gallows and Karl focus on AJ putting him through a table and the boot of doom. Raw ends with Balor holding the briefcase over AJ.

    Next Raw:

    Stephanie continues to come out and scream at Balor but she can’t do anything because there is no prove Balor is suspended. AJ comes out for a match and attempts to attack Balor Club straight of the gate, but Gallows and Karl get the upper hand again and beat on AJ and after a bit, Stephanie runs out with security guards to get the members. But when she gets to Balor, he tells her the only people who touched AJ were members of your roster so they couldn’t do anything, she goes crazy and slaps him multiple times eventually being pulled off by security.

    Next Raw:

    The Balor club continues to sit in the front row. A backstage segment plays of Stephanie talking to her lawyer when Shane walks in. She tells him that she is going to go to the measures to get back at Balor and she leaves the room with the lawyer following her but before the lawyer can leave Shane stops them and closes the door. Main; AJ and Zayn v KO and Jericho, AJ picks up the win and Balor club jump the barricade and jump AJ and Zayn, both KO and Jericho have sprinted away. They target AJ again.

    Next Raw (Before battleground):

    Balor club starts the show in the front row and Apollo Crews is opening the show giving his pre-US title match promo by mid-way through only Finn jumps the barricade grabs a mic at ringside and says “Who cares”, he gets in the ring and goes head to head with Crews. Crews smirk for a bit but then sees the rest of the club stand up so he retreats. Balor stands in the ring and cuts a strong promo, how he is deserving of respect and he wants a match at Battleground so he can “End AJ’s career on PPV” Stephanie comes out and from the stage she tells him “not over my dead body will you compete for the WWE again “and she sends overwhelming amount of armoured security guards to take care of them and the Balor club retreats into the crowd. The last match of the card is KO v Roman Reigns but it gets ambushed by Balor Club coming out of the crowd and focusing on Roman, Balor demands the match against AJ or he will cash in. Stephanie comes out laughing;” You honestly think that briefcase is real” she walks down to the ring and begins to yell when Shanes music drops, he walks out holding a leather briefcase and calms down Steph. Shane begins to talk, “Steph, I have really enjoyed the bond we have had the last month but I must disclose something”, he opens up his briefcase and hands her a file. For a minute, the camera is just on Steph reading the file and then you see a shocked look on her face and she drops the file. She then begins to viscously slap Shane eventually being pulled off by the Balor club. While she is being held back by Gallows and Karl, Shane tells the crowd, “if that doesn’t translate to English for you let me do it, I now announce the official WWE Money in the bank briefcase winner, FINN BALOR” holding Balor arm up. Balor then goes to ringside grabs a leather jacket and drapes it on Shane while Steph is held back spitting at him. Finn and Shane hug and hold up their arms again when you hear AJ’s theme come on and he comes down to aid Steph, AJ does a flying elbow taking out Finn but then gets ambushed by Gallows and Karl beating on him just like they did weeks before while Shane watches from the ring and Steph from ringside reduced to tears as she has seen he brother has turned to the dark side. Shane then grabs a mic and saying over AJ’s body “Oh yeah, get ready for Sunday because you will be taking on Balor” then dropping the mic on AJ. The four stand in the ring with arms up and Steph on the ground at ringside crying.

    Ask and I'll write part 3
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  6. It would be interesting to read Part 3
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