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Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Swing Car, May 6, 2015.

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  1. What's your thoughts on what is happening in Baltimore, and what has happened in Ferguson? Which side do you lean towards?
  2. Neither, both sides suck. I mean, if you compare them to Cleveland, I'll take one or the other, but you're asking me to pick a piece of shit, and a glorified piece of shit.
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  3. Yeah, it's hard man. It's a whole lot of misinformation spread on both sides.
  4. I can understand their frustration.
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  5. So can I.

    The issue with blacks is the absence of the Middle Class in general. The U.S is on track to mirror Mexico. What I mean by this is that you have a population that is either rich, or dirt poor. In these poor, rural areas, you'll often see Democrats - those who supported Obama - are being manipulated. They target immigrants or young blacks, tell them they are getting a whole pie, when they barely get a slice. The welfare state not only damages the economy in the long term, it causes an attitude that allows you to excuse your own failures. I can't succeed, hell, why bother even TRYING to succeed, when the "white man holds me down"...that's true to an extent, but mostly in the past, the rear view mirror. Yet this blame game culture still persists, holding one another down, yet blaming others for it. It's mental.

    On the issue with police brutality, or racial profiling, the latter to me is a necessary evil. They commit crimes at a higher level than the average White or Asian man, they are going to naturally watched more. Not all truths are easy, most of them aren't. The reason blacks tend to go to that life, or one of the reasons, is the lack of education available in black communities, poor to be more precise. Terrible teaching standards, budget cuts, etc. Harlem was once a high class area believe it or not. It certainly isn't now. Liberals in America have been tricked into believing they are the progressives, but in reality, they've been holding themselves back.
  6. lol I'll go ahead and put out a starch disagreement that institutionalized racism is a good thing, or "necessary evil" as you put it. If I happen to look like a group of people that commit crimes at a high rate it does not make me any more likely to commit a crime, it simply means I look like others who do, which is a coincidence I cannot control. This attitude you seem to have adopted about being OK to stereotype and generalize a group of people is one of the main reasons black people feel so held down to begin with. I hope you can see that.
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  7. I think he was saying a higher % of black people commit crimes statistically, not that most crimes are committed by black people. Obviously white people commit the most crimes, there are too many of us mother fuckers.


    but you can also thank a lot of sociological factors especially money, for these rates. I've seen some alarming studies as well that show black guys are much more likely to face jail time or longer sentences for similar crimes to white people. Again, money is always a factor in the court system though.
  8. The numbers for whites are kinda weird. I see a lot of people with Hispanic names put under the white sub-category. I don't believe Whites are innocent lmao don't get me wrong, but y'know there's some issues in the way they collect the data.

    See the issue I have with this argument is how it's feelings based. It's not a coincidence they commit more crime. More often than not, the areas with high amount of black crime, are underfunded and forgotten about. Detroit for example, was left to it's own devices once the white people/businesses got up and left. I don't think they get held down by racism. They get held down by the lack of attention given to impoverished areas, which leads to generations upon generations of repeated failure.

    Hope you see my point more clearly, and hope I don't come off as a racist. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  9. These nationwide protests need to fkn stop.. Columbus (where I'm at) has no business protesting on behalf of Baltimore on the main street of Ohio State during peak hours and causing so much traffic.. In fact I think it incited more rage than it helped get awareness across.
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  10. Most of them have little interest in the subject, they just want to be part of something.
  11. It's getting out of hand.. 319 million people in this country and we get nationwide protests whenever something like this happens.. It seems like people just are now realizing that unlawful killings are a thing, HELLO? It's been this way for many many many MANNNNYYYY years..
  12. On the other side though, the average cop isn't a neo-Nazi murderer, not by a long shot. Gotta find that middle ground.
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