Ban Trump Supporters... #facepalm

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Dec 22, 2015.

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  1. I like this man. He is honest, argues with facts, and tells it like it is.

    Anyways, yeah... Trump banning supporters are being very hypocritical and stupid.

  2. Eh, they're all the same. Just puppets controlled by the devil... and Jews. I believe Trump is just a distraction for something bigger.
  3. Well of course, most things that make headlines in the news that don't directly effect all people or large numbers of people are distractions. Think of the white cop vs black war going on. It is being used to fuel the removal of guns to the public (which will give criminals the upper hand) which will then lead to Marshall Law. This is why they want Islams here. They will have no problem killing us Americans.
  4. I get mocked for having faith in God, yet these millions of people have faith in a humanity that has been falling apart and destroying itself for centuries. The human race has become a virus.
  5. All their doing is starting us vs. them so that everyone hates each other. Cops vs Citizens. Rich vs Poor. Muslims vs Christians. Republican vs Democrat. Black vs White. Gay vs Straight. You vs me. They're just dividing everyone and it's working very well. It's all going according to plan. Satan's plan. Soon we'll have a (false?) Messiah unite us all and tell us everything will be okay and that we should all hold hands. :emoji_wink:
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  6. Hilary already made her sacrifice, she's all but etched in.
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  7. And then if we don't drink the punch we will be killed.
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  8. It is sad but true. The feminism movement is aligning this all to happen. I find it sad that women think acting like men is what matters and what gets them equal rights. I am all for women having rights but they are just abusing themselves now.
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  9. Where are you getting this from? Seriously, you're sounding more and more like an MRA.
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    Trump supporters are about on the levels of street level nazis. Do you want nazis in your establishment?

    People who believe what Donald Trump is selling are some of the most gullible on the planet. And if he wins, you might as well alt+f4 the entire country.
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  11. whats wrong with nazis
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    Who said this was about supporting him? It was basically about over reactions lol I don't agree with a lot of what he says and don't like him as a person but that doesn't mean I am going to jump off the rails and ban him or demand he be banned from a country. lol
  13. I am not going to argue with you on the subject because it will be like both of us shouting at walls. If you care to understand it on a scientific level, it comes down to mindsets and emotional standpoints effecting the hormone balance in the body. Women in third world countries experience higher rates of testosterone to survive and to help the female body handle stress better. The higher rates of testosterone lead to anything from PCOS to sudden infertility. PCOS is considered the "thief" of femininity because it causes women to actually grow facial hair, get deepened voices,gain weight like men, become infertile, have male pattern baldness, and so on. I don't pull this from thin air and I do apologize for making it seem this way but many of my rants are backed by scientific study on the human body. Here is one source if you care to read it. I want women to stop hurting themselves and gain equality but not at the expense of hormonal gender genocide. And again, this is a pointless argument for us to get into again. The internet doesn't need any more back and forth rants that don't do a damn thing to help humanity.
  14. I don't want to argue either, but pretending that the very movement that is fighting for equality is actually oppressing them is silly. Men set the standards of pretty much everything. Men not only oppress women, but they oppress other men too and you need to acknowledge that problems aren't all the fault of women.
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  15. I would. He is a violent hatemongerer using Hitler methods to rile up an uneducated, overworked and poor group of people against a scapegoat to prevent them from taking action against what is truly bad about America.

    Donald Trump is not a politician. Donald Trump would not make America great again. Donald Trump is the worst possible president America could get.

    He says America should deny an entire religion access to America. Damn right I'd deny him access to anything I own if given the offer to slam the door in his face.
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  16. Your gimmick is shit.
  17. So we should start banning people from a country for simply stating their thoughts and opinions?
  18. Since it is apparently okay to ban someone because they come from another country or have another religion? Yes. Or is it not okay to use Trump's own methods against trumps and his hitler jugend?
  19. wtf why is wweforums so redpilled lmao

    they like trump because he doesn't have a menorah up his asshole

    he doesn't take the money from the AIPACS of the world

    in no way is Trump an ideal candidate, he SHOULDN'T BE the ideal candidate

    but besides pipedreams like Rand Paul, he is tbqh family
  20. They like Trump because he has an easy scapegoat to blame for a country that is in a dark period financially. People liked Hitler for the same reason. It's easier to blame someone else in the short term than to make any real attempts at a long term improvement.
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