Bank on the Kidd: Tyson Kidd's unlikely march towards Money in the Bank

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  1. Bank on the Kidd: Tyson Kidd's unlikely march towards Money in the Bank


    Everything is about to change for Tyson Kidd.

    He is the cherub-faced assassin of WWE, a Superstar with a blinding smile and a charming personality who you’d think, upon meeting him, would be the calmest guy in the world. You’d be wrong.

    A veteran of the legendary Hart Family Dungeon and a former WWE Tag Team Champion (PROFILE), Kidd is the kind of methodical, surgically precise Superstar who will have already figured out five ways to beat you by the time your entrance music finishes playing. One of the banner competitors of WWE NXT for much of the past year, Kidd gained a ravenous following among the more meticulous members of the WWE Universe for his dynamic mix of mat work and high-flying dynamism, but still hadn’t seen much time on either Raw SuperShow or SmackDown.

    Last month, though, Kidd won his way into the Money in the Bank Match for a World Heavyweight Championship Contract (MATCH PREVIEW) by upsetting Jack Swagger in a Qualifying Match on SmackDown. Three days later on Raw, he defeated the domineering Tensai in a matter of seconds with a roll-up pin. Suddenly, the WWE Universe is starting to take notice, and his longtime fans are foaming at the mouth to see their favorite gain ground on WWE’s veterans. Despite this, though, Kidd finds himself in a familiar position going into what he describes as the biggest opportunity of his career: the underdog.

    It’s a cruel label for a Superstar to wear at times, but Kidd has taken any stigma that might accompany it and turned it on its head. In a match where the outcome is (literally) up in the air, he’s not looking to be so much the dark horse as the guy they didn’t see coming.

    “If you embrace it, I think being an underdog becomes more of an advantage than anything.” Kidd told of his mindset heading into Money in the Bank. But despite the bravado and the outpouring of support from both the WWE Universe and his former mentors, Kidd’s under no illusions that a win – or even a strong showing – is guaranteed.

    “There’s also a sense of pressure to deliver,” Kidd said of the opportunity to compete for the contract. Happily, that atmosphere suits him just fine. “I’m like coal under pressure,” he said. “I turn into a diamond.”

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  2. Nice read. it's good to see that people are starting to take notice of Kidd and what he is capable of.
  3. Happy that Kidd is in the MITB match to be honest as I think he has and will have a lot to offer the WWE and it's good to see them giving him a chance.
  4. Hopefully they keep the push after the MITB
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