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  1. Has anyone ever watched this show? The show being "Bar Rescue" in case you missed the title :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
    I just started watching it a few hours ago and immediately started wishing it was on Netflix so I could watch every episode that's been released.


    Basically the show's host is Jon Taffer, an almost 60 year old Bar Consultant with numerous years of experience dating back to like 1978 which is when he is reported to have first started in the bar business. IMO Taffer is essentially the "Bar" version of Gordon Ramsay, they are essentially "Personality Brothers" when it comes to their job.

    The show just finished it's 3rd season in early May and has a total of 60 episodes and 6 "specials" so there's plenty to watch right now if you haven't seen any of it yet. It seems to be on Spike quite a bit, last two night's I've seen there has been some mini marathons going on idk if that's just a weekend thing or not but I totally recommend this show if you like bars or even just as a reality show it provides plenty entertainment.

    Recent News about the Show:
    Taffer took to Twitter on June 27th and said after a week long vacation in Paris he will be shooting a 30 episode 4th season.

    -- The reason for so many more episodes is because there are that many bars in the country right now that are failing that try to make contact with him and his company in trying to get them to help that he could essentially do this until it gets tiresome for him.

    @Just Kevin, I'll tag you in this because I remember seeing something about you watching it.
  2. Yeah, it's a fun show to watch. I've been watching it since the middle of the first season and I haven't seen a bad episode yet.

    PM incoming with links to all the episodes.
  3. Appreciate it, wish my VGA cord was working so I could hook it up to my big screen :emoji_slight_smile:
    Although I suppose this show doesn't need to be watched in HD :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. No HDMI output on your computer?
  5. Used to :/
    Stopped working for some reason.
    I do have 2 years left on Warranty so I should probably do that at some point between now and the end of the year. One of the fans inside is going out too and like stops flowing for like 30 minutes at random points.

    I'm watching the Comedy Club episode right now, not sure if you've seen it, owner is an idiot and the place is a shit hole.. definitely a lot of potential though can't wait to see how this turns out.
  6. Damn didn't even realize Bar Rescue was about to premier its new season tonight.. Totally am watching the Bengals game though.. I'll watch it tomorrow, I got a bunch of things to watch tomorrow so that'll be one of them if I get time.

    @Just Kevin
  7. Did you get the HDMI port fixed? If not go to devices and drivers or the device manager and see if you just need to reinstall or troubleshoot the port.
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  8. I did indeed, my friend actually fixed it for me when I let him borrow it for a night.
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  9. The premier was pretty solid, heard there's going to be like 30 episodes this season a few months back (although I'm pretty sure I already mentioned that earlier).. That's going to be sweet, will definitely take us a few months into 2015.. tis good for me because I don't have much to watch in the winter time so anything extra is good.
  10. Didn't even realize that this premiered.. and didn't receive an alert for the tag.

    I'll watch it later tonight.. about to lie down and nap a couple hours.
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  11. Hmm, I had that issue yesterday with two tags.. idk why it's happening but I'm sure it's just a glitch with the updated forums.. you'll enjoy the premier.. classic Bar Rescue :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  12. lol Artful Dodger... some of these owners are just unbelievable.... how could anyone allow a business to get that bad?
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