Barbie Blank features in headshots and handcuffs

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. ^^^ Go to 1:20 in this clip to see the amazing acting by Barbie Blank
  2. She had a couple of lines. If ya wanna see great acting, watch The Godfather.
  3. die in a car fire
  4. Thats not great acting she is just that dumb in real life.
  5. Fuck I thought it was cumshots and handcuffs.
  6. :facepalm: is my only logical reaction. Did not watch. Will not watch.
  7. Did anybody else come in expecting her to do some photo shoots in handcuffs?
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  8. That was so cringe.
  9. Her eyes are as dead as ever. Stripper 4 sure.
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  10. This is fucking retarded. This deserves a ban.
  11. Barbie Blank is a disgrace to actors and actresses everywhere.
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  12. Glad I was not the only one :sad:
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  13. What the utter fuck did I just watch.
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  14. Shitty acting on a shitty web show.
  15. Read the title and was expecting something else.

    Leaving disappointed.
  16. Couldn't not watch this for the comedy. Expected a catastrophe but oh boy did I not expect this. :lol1:

    You're right, Kelly Kelly was clearly the best performer in this whole thing, writers included. Everything else was that bad, what a trainwreck of hilarious proportions. Choo choo!

    This was like watching porn without that annoying sex getting in the way of the horrible acting.
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