Barbie Blank interview from London Comic Con last weekend

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Oct 10, 2013.

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  1. ^^^ This guy did a short interview with Barbie at London Comic Con last weekend its good to know shes doing acting now. And dont spam my thread all you haters on here
  2. Coming to a porno near you
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  3. Either you're welcoming the spammers by bringing attention to yourself or you're really that naive. Posting anything about Kelly Kelly is going to bring hate lol.
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  4. There's nothing wrong with the thread but its welcoming hate, Whatever. Meh interview.
  5. I'm not spamming, I legitimately thought she was in a porno
  6. Don't we all when we see "Kelly Kelly in new movie" :dawg:
  7. The interviewer has an annoying fucking voice/accent. Is he retarded?

    KK looks better without the blonde hair.
  8. I think it's only a fair assumption.
  9. btw It's not like I wouldn't fap to her in a porno. I just know blffl denies her slutoxicity.
  10. Her amateur porn movie "even millionaires piss in the sink" was an epic performance that deserves so much more. She is a piece of trash, and honestly i have a hard time hating people as much as i do kellykelly/now AJ/Punk fans when he was a champion/TNA haters who dont even watch tna, but people like BLFFL make it easy. I know this is her thread, she is the only one dumb enough to refer to kellykelly (a slut anyone watching wrestling in the last 2 years hasnt even heard of) as barbie blank, assuming we all know who that is, and want to give a fuck.

    Im surprised there isnt a Barbie 2014 calender thread. I'm going to go to WF and suggest they unban you in hopes you randomly run into Dolph's and he comes back here. Face it people who disagree, this place isnt the same without Dolph's and/or seabs. It's like having testify make a thread and not talk about fucking someones mom/grandma/significant other, it's just missing that final piece of quality we all love/are used to reading.

  11. Oh I wasn't directing that message towards you, just saying that nearly everyone but BLFFL dislikes Kelly Kelly and doesn't care to see posts about her. There's going to be spamming in general because no one likes her.
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  12. blffl or kelly kelly

    nvm it works for both.
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  13. You know when she reads this thread you are going to get replied to about how cute she is with natural hair. You negated all the hate by letting her read something she can use to ignore any/every other post.

    You really fucked up Deth.
  14. Agreed
  15. Barbie isnt trash. She is a classy lady and is moving onto better things. Also you could try getting me unbanned from wrestling forum but I dont think it will work. And Barbie will be bringing out her 2014 calendar she said she would be doing one when she put her 2013 calendar on sale
  16. Ill make my Username BarbieBlankFan and see what i can do. I'm 100% optimistic.
  17. Never knew Kelly could read
  18. That guy looks like Xanth.
  19. I wouldn't mind seeing her in a porno.........I think she's hot.
  20. God dammit why can't she just do porn.
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