Barbie Blank planning on a big 2014

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  1. How old do you guys think Kelly Kelly was when she lost her V Card? Initial gut reaction tells me 8 or 9 but she may have hung on to that bad boy until as late as 11.
  2. Does it even matter tbh? It would take years of long research to figure out who took it.
  3. Breaking news: Kelly Kelly is doing things. More at 11.
  4. Can we talk about Paige? Or Bork? Or one of your other crushes.

    because believe me bitch, we are ALL over this dumb ugly jew kelly kelly
  5. Breaking News: 10 more men on the WWE roster claim to have had sex with Kelly Kelly, Our sources claim no one is surprised. More after the break.
  6. Did you guys know fucking YT has every ep of Smart Guy??

    I'm on ep 5. fucking classic show. I wasn't sure if I would still laugh at the jokes but i get 4-5 good hearty LOLs per ep.
  7. I'll start watching it, never seen it before.
  8. My news is better
  9. Dude its so awesome. You can use my thread in the LR to discuss it if you want.
  10. Them pictures are so airbrushed its disgusting. She looks like she is a fake painting. Not in a good way either, no offense to her but she needs a new photographer.
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  11. you stupid dicks I just gave the GOAT news about Smart Guy
  12. It seems promising, its older so it wont be like modern Simpsons trying to use modern tech and shit which gets annoying and if you laugh from it it must not be immature 10 year old jokes.
  13. shit in one hand and shit in the other. She will either look fake and airbrushed (still not good mind you) or look like herself and scare children. lose/lose
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  14. Nah for a show that ran on Disney it is pretty... edgy I guess? In one ep Marcus (bottom left corner of my sig) offered up a three way to some twins. was hilarious.

    and Mo, bottom right, his facial expressions are so money. he is a scene stealer.
  15. [​IMG] Look at that face, looks sooooooo damn photoshoped, her eyes look like Hardy's face paint.

    Edit: Also her eyes looked fucked in this pic.
  16. every time I see KK I think of @Danielson comparing her to the strippers with the thousand yard stare lmao
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  17. Dem HBK eyes. :booker:
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  18. She's sooooo dreamy. not. :cole:
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