Barca can GTFO..

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Baraa, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. If Milan scores n Camp Nou, Barca will be officially out :YES:
  2. not really anything can happen? And niang and el shawraay added to the ones to watch list
  3. I'm normally such an admirer of how they play, but today they were one-dimensional and created almost nothing. This was the poorest Messi display I have ever seen and it was equalled by the best AC Milan performance I have seen this season. Iniesta -- as always -- was the only Barca player looking like he'd create something, but otherwise it was comfortable for the Italian giants.

    Niang's rise to fame has been so sudden.
  4. I didn't see that coming, I assure you that even the most optimistic Milan fans couldn't see that coming, hope Milan manages to score in the first 10 minutes end the Camp Nou and send these Whiny bi*chs packing .
  5. If they try and score they will get opened up in my opinion. Play the same tactic; sit deep and soak up their pressure. Then you can hit them on the counter attack.
  6. Barca couldn't create chances for shit.
  7. Barca can compete in catalunya champions league and :GTFO:
  8. Always harder away, and Milan setup in a smart way. Defend well and the chances will come at the other end. Unfortunately for Barca, they made the mose of the chances.
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