Barca vs Real Madrid 1st Leg Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. They face off tonight, coverage on sky sports starts from half 9 I think, it's a late one yeah. I'm pumped for this, Barca looked awesome in their pre-season and under their new manager nothing has really changed. Madrid were dominant in their pre-season but only drew last week against Valencia. We'll see.

    I'm hoping Ronaldo does what he did last year and dominates the El Classico.
  2. This is going to be a good match and I think Real will just steal it.
  3. Missed first 60 mins due to film. 1-1, not sure on who scored.
  4. I've missed all the game so far, trying to win an award which is impossible. You know what I mean Crayo?.... :dawg:

    & Pedro scored for Barca, and Ronaldo for Real.

    And I believe Barca are currently winning 2-1?
  5. 2-1. Messi penalty.
  6. Ronaldo scored? Do you know if it was a good goal?

    No one understood that thread lol gawd. Explained very well in the OP too.
  7. Not exactly a lot of time left. C'mon Real.


    I don't know, I just found out he scored via Flash Scores. (Just a live ticker with scores)
  8. Ah cool, glad he scored anyway.
  9. Me too, I don't know if I should have a cheeky pop on him been La Liga top scorer?


    3-1 Barca. This is a Barca win.
  10. 3-1, Xavi. Oh dear
  11. Real are gone, nothing left in this game for them. Need to keep the score down, and hope for the best at home.
  12. Lmfao Valdes is a retard. 3-2. Di Maria.
  13. Haha... Valdes. lol
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