Barcelona fan thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. If you bleed Barcelona FC like I do discuss ITT.

    I like how we flop about the pitch and cheat to win. Heels for life baby.
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  2. Massive Barca fan, my favourite heel moment of ours was when Busqets cheated to get an Inter player sent off in the first half of the CL SF 2010. Shame we ended up being utterly outclassed tactically and knocked out though.
  3. Sergio needs a smiley, he is the king of football heels.
  4. LOLin so hard, we definitely need a smiley. lol
    Yeah chelsea = Supercena


  6. Dolph's, I'm dissapoint son.

    Deportivo La Coruna 4 life.
  7. Remember when they were good? They have an awesome name :emoji_slight_frown:.
  8. Yes finally a F.C.B thread fuck those loosers :lol1:
  9. Yeah, back in late 90's ane early 00's, they even won Primera then. In 2003 I marked so damn hard when they kicked Milan out of CL, and then stumbled on Monaco, lol.

    Good old times. Everybody around me, friends or family is a Real or Barca fan, I am the only one that roots for La Coruna and doesn't give a fuck for Barca or Real, even though when those 2 play, I root for Real. :nope:
  10. Guess what Barcelona won again 3-1 against Malaga :kiss:
    Best first half of the season for a Liga team ever won 18 drew 1 :boss1:
  11. In a piss-easy league :pipebomb:
  12. Not a fan of Barcelona but can't deny the class and skill they have. Arguably one of the best teams of all time. Would love to see them play in a league where more than 2-3 clubs have any chance of winning the title though.
  13. Of course it's well known that West ham is a much harder team to play than Malaga :woo1:
  14. West Ham on a cold Tuesday night is much harder, for a team like Barca. They couldn't even beat Celtic, a team who'd struggle staying in the BPL :haha:
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  15. Yeah let's all laugh about the one and only defeat Barcelona had this season :smug:
  16. Celtic :haha:

    They nearly beat you at Camp Nou as well, until you luckily stumbled past them in the last minutes.
  17. You can go like this all night long it won't change the fact that this Barca is simply one of the best football teams ever.You said that La Liga was too easy okay let's what they do in the Champions league then :smug1:
  18. Lol I've said myself they ARE the best club side ever. I just like to pull your leg :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  19. I know you do :finger:
  20. Still think Dortmund will win the CL.
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