Barclays Premier League Results (4/2/2012 & 5/2/2012)

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  1. Results for 4th February:

    Another great win for Sunderland, even if the pitch was COVERED in snow. Ha'way the lads! :emoji_hushed:hyes::emoji_hushed:hyes:

    Fixtures for 5th February:
  2. 4-0 win for UTD tomorrow lads. Nice to see Arsenal (especially Ox) win for once. O'neil is immense, he'll one day manage a top 4 team.
  3. How has he not already? He's been a success practically everywhere he's been. He could fit nicely in AF's replacement imo.
  4. I ask that question too. He took Villa to the closest to stealing top 4, if their chairmen wasn't an ass he would of done so. He dominated SPL with Celtic, and now has completely revitalized Sunderland without a single transfer. I mean Roy Hodgson got the chance at Liverpool. Though Man Utd's rumoured replacement is either Mourinho or Guardiola. Sir Alex is close friends with both (especially Jose). Jose is desperate to get back into EPL. Who else is there to go to? Wouldn't mind either way though, all three are spectacular managers.
  5. Isn't Jose going back to Chelsea? At least that's the rumors I've heard. O'neill had a great run with Leicester also taking them to 3 cup finals in I think three seasons. So I think he could be an excellent choice. I'm unsure on Pep. He may struggle to adapt to the English game like many have before him.
  6. Nah the chairmen and him hate each-other. He said he loves and will always love Chelsea, but he won't go back. AVB is there for the long-term I think, never know with Chelsea but this time they're serious about him building their future.

    I think O'neil would have done better at Liverpool than Dalglish to be honest, my opinion of course. As for pep, you never know, the game is so much different in Spain so I agree. I'd love to see him here though.
  7. It's all hearsay admittedly but I can see Roman doing anything to win the Champions League so if he think Jose will do it he'll bring him back and let's be honest if Roman wants him he'll get him. Like the Schevchenko deal. I can't see Bruce Buck stopping him tbh. I personally agree O'neill would have been a better fit for Liverpool but Kenny demands the respect of the players just because of who he is at Liverpool were as Martin as good as he is. Has never managed a team of that standard yet.
  8. I honestly doubt it. Jose isn't exactly short of money, he's never going to be without a job, I honestly see United as his next stop. It's heavily rumored everywhere. He and Sir Alex are really close, text each-other regularly etc. I can just see Jose taking Madrid to CL win and La Liga win and then waiting until United job is available. As for the Liverpool topic I suppose you're right. But O'neil, like Rednapp, doesn't need to demand respect. He has that sort of personality you just want to respect & talk to, I imagine so anyway. If you gave me a list of managers I'd want to play for, it'd be Sir Alex, Rednapp & O'neil.