Barely see any entrances on TV?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by PSachkovsky, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. I know its not THAT big of a deal but WTF!? Themes/Titantrons/Entrances help recognize a wrestler and with them skipping em on commercial breaks just gives off a plain feel to the match, ESPECIALLY champs (Cesaro and Barret). Its just stupid IMO.
  2. WWE would rather just cram more shit into 3 hours than try to make any part of the mess worthwhile.
  3. They would rather use that time to cut to commercials than during matches. Would you rather see the entrances or have them cut into matches more?
  4. You didn't get my point. I was talking about cutting out the entrances of WWE Champions. They cut out Barrett's entrance, than they cut out Cesaro's entrance, and they are both champions.
  5. Who job every week. Thus they get the standard jobber entrance.
  6. Neither
  7. Barrett: Yes.
    Cesaro: No. Cesaro rarely jobs.
  8. Seems like he's jobbed to Ryback on the last 3 RAWs
  9. Last RAW he faced the Miz, furthering a feud. That is not jobbing. Cesaro is booked pretty damn dominant. If you only watch RAW I can see people thinking he is jobbing but looking over the entire playing field of the WWE he is booked very damn well.
  10. They have been up until recently, why have him in there with Ryback at all? It does nothing for him.
  11. Indeed, they cut lots of entrances. Not particularly something I like but not the worst either.
  12. Been saying this for weeks. Or maybe last week. One or the other for sure.
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