Barret stalks a wwe reporter

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by seabs, Dec 23, 2011.


    He's at it again by the looks of it. Give this man a talkshow segment god dammit.
  2. Lmao love this guy. One of the best mic workers in WWE, WWE have no chat-show atm, GIVE IT TO HIM.
  3. Wade Barret is hilarious!!!! its when he went Jamaican me crazy then he just appears in the toilets oh man he is great he is funny great on the mic has great in ring skills why is this dude not a champion
  4. Because WWE messed up the Nexus angle :emoji_slight_frown:. He'll be champion in 2012 though, then WWE will realize how good this guy is.
  5. One word.
  6. Still baffles me that this guy gets mic time what, once a month? Maybe twice. He's up there with the best.
  7. Do you think his ring skills prevented him from getting the belt though? He was and still is imo pretty green. He was over enough but the matches with Orton was a borefest imo.
  8. Nah, I really doubt it. Green wrestlers don't bother them, well didn't at the time of that angle. That angle needed titles. They had the tag team titles, one should of went for US Title (Skip) and Wade should of been WWE Champion. He wouldn't need many high pressure individual matches with a massive stable with him.