News Barrett gives his notice.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Feb 16, 2016.

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  2. :ohyeah:I've got some bad news for ya..
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  3. Good for him. Hope he goes somewhere where he'll be appreciated.
  4. He was one of my favorites who have essentially been underused/misused. Good for him. He deserves more then some side lined horrific comedy skit. This dude should have had a good title run and never really got one. Once again, WWE you suck. LONG LIVE NEXUS!
  5. I honestly never understood why they didn't give this guy a decent push.. Him and Sandow, they were good things, and also given shit, and made it good every time. Shame, but glad he has the sense to move on. Maybe make a return sometime down the line with some decent hype behind him.
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  6. Good job Wade, I wanted you to be World Champ many times but fuck face (Vince) never saw it in you, try Lucha Underground bro.
  7. Sad to see him go... But maybe this is what's best for him. He's a real good talent, and should have gotten better pushes in the past than he did. Especially with the Nexus storyline. I hope wherever he goes, he'll be happy.
  8. You can only ruin someone's career, for so long. I'm surprised he stuck around this long, after all the things he's been put through.
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  9. Why would you tell them this? Let it drag out so they don't bury you on the way out at least.
  10. It may have slipped out but either way, they may make him do horrible house show matches now. Best case scenario since he wants to leave is they don't let him in the ring at all. That is what I would hope for if I was him.
  11. He hasn't been in the ring for quite some time, probably because that 'minor' neck injury is still present.
  12. True, either way best thing to do now is take care of himself and get ready to harpoon some narwhals!

  13. Him and Drew Galloway would make a good team. Could easily see him go to ICW, or another European fed.
  14. WWE dropped the ball with him. Please, Barrett, go to TNA - could be a World Champion in no time. The bulk tapings could also give him ample time to try out other projects, like movies. This is, of course, assuming that he is healthy enough to wrestle.
  15. He must be pretty fed up, because I guarantee no where is gonna pay him like the WWE
  16. I don't even mind him being a jobber, but wwe giving him the King of the Ring gimmick when he was so over is the ultimate dick move.

    I hope he goes somewhere he is appreciated, or just happily retire.
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    Can't wait for the eventual Whatculture "WTF Just Happened: Wade Barrett's Whole Career" video.

    Not a fan but he could have been a star in five minutes if they did almost anything else with him

    On second thought...
  18. No one got my joke... he has a Marine Biology degree :okay:

    And yeah WWE never took him seriously. I am sure if he does continue to wrestle, he will be more appreciated elsewhere but I honestly can see him being done with wrestling after this.
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