Barrett injured at Smackdown tapings

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Shadow, Jun 25, 2014.

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  1. Source: PWMania

    Damn, hopefully he'll be able to compete at MITB. If he can't who would take his spot? I'd say Bo Dallas.
  2. Ya'll already know who would be my fill in :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
    Sucks though, even though he most likely wasn't going to pull down the briefcase.
  3. Injury confirmed by WWE doctors. It's a separated shoulder
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  4. Didn't Swagger ruin Ziggler's push too? BNB was a contender to win the briefcase.
  5. Swagger did not ruin Barrett's push. Because Swagger does not have sole blame for this injury. He pushed Barrett into the guardrail, meaning how Barrett landed also becomes a factor, would be a different game is Swagger was slamming Barrett into it. Barrett also has a history of shoulder injuries and I even think this is the same shoulder.

    Same with Ziggler. Swagger giving him a concussion did not derail his push, as he came back more over than ever. What happened post the Big E/AJ feud derailed Ziggler's push. Swagger was a factor, but should not receive sole blame.

    And it's not like Swagger is known to injure people. He's injured two guys (Zigs and Barrett) in fluke/accidental ways at inopportune moments.
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  6. WTF noooooooooo not my country boy
  7. The kick to the head caused Ziggler to miss the 1st PPV of his title reign. Clearly that affected his push as it meant his reign got off to the worst possible start. Also, WWE are wary of guys who have suffered from concussion - one of the reasons Zig is not getting pushed now apparently.
  8. Still don't see how Swagger ruined it. Accidents happen after all. And if WWE was high on Dolph back then they would have found a way to salvage that reign (which they tried with the double turn). Without a doubt Swagger injuring him was a factor, but no way should the guy get full blame for another guys push going in the can. Especially for a freak accident. By that logic Big Show and Dolph should have the blame for injuring Barrett the first time he separated his shoulder and "ruining" his push back in 2011-2012.
  9. Kinda think it's a work, just so that Ambrose can get into the MITB match
  10. He was added on RAW
  11. Oh shit, how did I forgot that :upset:

    Well now I'd think it's a real injury. But now I just wonder, who's gonna be the replacement?
  12. Damn it Swagger, you're useless filler brother. Can't you at least be careful? A bit? :dawg:
    Just joking, things happen. But yeah, if he misses a lot of time or misses out on a big push over this it would suck. Especially if he has to surrender the belt.
  13. Really looked forward to see him get that push, but yah wrestling is at the end a contact sport / entertainment, so shit happens :emoji_slight_frown:
  14. I guess this must be some "bad news" for Barrett, eh? Eh?

    Anyway, here's hoping he's able to make a hasty recovery before the PPV on Sunday. He's actually my top pick for winning the briefcase along with Rollins/Ambrose.
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  15. I know nothing about these wrestling injuries but hopefully he can somehow recover soon. If he can't make the PPV, I say that they should add "The Inspirational" Bo Dallas. I'm losing count of how many victories he has but I'm assuming it's... #SevenandBo

    And he'll make it #EightandBo at MITB.
  16. If they had Barrett pegged to win then they could make an angle from this. He could come out at the kickoff, say he has some 'bad news', and state that he can't compete in the MITB match. During the closing moments of the match he could run down and grab the contract. From there he could just do segments/promos until he heals.
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  17. I'd say add in Slater, because man that guy could make everyone in that match look better than they already are.
  18. BNB Doubtful for Sunday, Potential Replacements that have been whispered about..: Miz, Mark Henry,Christian (If Cleared), Y2J (barely but probably not), Sin Cara, Bo Dallas, Justin Gabriel.. haven't heard anything concrete though.
  19. Oh god not the Miz >.< save us.y2j (not likely), I might have to start Bolieving.
  20. I love your sig, that luigi stare is so damn funny.

    Bummer for BNB as he is over as hell and was my pick for the briefcase. This might be a big opportunity for Ziggler - Also wasn't Zigglers main hit from ADR into the PPV sign that caused his decline?
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