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  1. Was a short match, but I'm a huge Barrett fan so I made this video anyways. I also thought the finish was cool with Barrett catching Kingston in the apron and then giving him the Bull Hammer.

  2. Too bad most of the time hes been Wade Buried (bad pun I know, but it's true)
  3. Does anyone actually think they're going to give Bo Dallas the IC title pretty much straight away?

    Whilst realistically I shouldn't think that, I still maintain the belief that they're going to let Wade Barrett win a MITB match this, as that was apparently the plan last year, but of course he was out injured at the time.
  4. Pretty sure Dallas walks out of WM as IC champ.
  5. At Mania too? Jesus...

    I don't follow NXT, so is he any good/credible?
  6. He's decent in ring. His major downside is complete lack of mic skills and charisma as well as a gimmick. Whilst his totally amazing big brother is still on NXT with his amazing gimmick (the former Husky Harris).
  7. Ah, that's pretty much the case with a lot of the guys on the roster now though to be fair.

    He's actually Husky Harris' younger brother? Didn't know that.
  8. Great video man.

    It really pisses me off how commentary no-sold his finisher.
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