Royal Rumble Barrett loses Rumble spot and spoils surprise entrant

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Jan 24, 2014.

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  1. Barrett tweeted this:
    I'm guessing he's pretty angry and that's why he gave the obvious clue. People are assuming "voodoo" to be Papa Shango, better known as The Godfather, who entered the 2013 rumble. Is it just me who doesn't see all the fuss about Old School RAWs and "legends" in the Rumble match? Seems a waste of a spot.
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  2. I don't think he was serious about giving up his Rumble spot for Papa Shango, these past few Rumbles Barrett has teased/pushed for a surprise entrance by The Godfather/Papa Shango and since it happened last year he probably won't be in it this year.
  3. It's obviously Marcus Cor Von.
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  4. I'll be pissed if this is real. This is definitely some bad news.
  5. Boogeyman. Even he teased a Royal Rumble appearance on Twitter
  6. stupid.. Bad News Barrett is a beast especially after SD :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. Lol, it's a yearly joke Barrett makes about Papa Shango. Nonetheless, this probably means a legend has taken his spot (which is a shame for Barrett)......just not Papa Shango.
  8. I hope Boogeyman got the spot. That would be an awesome Rumble surprise
  9. Not Karma then?
  10. Voodoo Child maybe?

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  11. I don't really care to see any of the legends appearing in the Rumble either. I get that it's a nice thing to do for nostalgia purposes, but most of them are people I never really care to see again and some of them (like Papa Shango or Jim Duggan) I never cared to see in the first place. I think the only time I marked for a legend appearing in a Rumble was when Diesel's music hit in 2011 and everyone in the ring had an "oh shit" look on their face. But he was still in incredible shape and looked like a force to be reckoned with unlike most of the legends who are too fat/bald/out-of-shape/old looking.
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  12. I will be so mad if this happens,poor Barrett
  13. It's Eugene!
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  14. I would sincerely mark my ass off if it was. All he would have to do is take out Santino and i would be laughing for days.
  15. Santnio's gonna win the rumble
  16. That actually is a really good idea. It could be Hulkamania running wild instead of the Godfather, i could deal with that. I just don't get why WWE is so adamant about keeping Barrett out of the ring?
  17. *Voodoo Child plays*
    *Jimi Hendrix makes his way down the ramp, with Bob MArley*
  18. Isn't Voodoo child Hogan's theme in wcw and wwe in 02 and 03? I mean its really not likely and there is no news on it, it's probably gonna be papa shango or godfather (which is a waste of time)but i'm pointing that out.
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