Barrett's Promo

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Dec 31, 2013.

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  1. It reminded me why I used to love him. I have to be honest, I'm not a big fan of this cheap heat gimmick, but last night's promo was great. It seemed more like a moaning Englishman gimmick which is perfect for him. There was(were?) some quality lines, and the delivery was absolutely perfect.

    Nobody else seems Doverly thrilled by it, but it was my favourite out of the four decent segments last night.
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  2. it was about as meh as your forced dover puns
  3. It was a great promo, but I wouldn't say it was up to that standard.

    Infact I'd go as far as saying your compliment is... DOVER THE TOP.
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  4. Enjoyed it thouroughly too. I'll give this gimmick time to flourish.
  5. It went on way too long, but his shit eating grin sold me at least somewhat more on this awful cheap character.
  6. I thought the rising from the side of the ramp was GOAT. The look on Booker T's face was priceless too :haha:
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  7. The rising ramp had me in tears. That needs to be a weekly thing.

    *face cuts promo*
    *le wild rising ramp thing*

    I'd mark every single week.
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  8. >WWE Superstars gather around the ramp for Breast Cancer support
    >Wade rises out of nowhere

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  9. This would be so good.

    >Make-a-wish kid comes out
    >Talks about his life
    >Le wild Barrett out of no where
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  10. I was gonna say that, but I think a kid would be to much. I've got some bad news, and I've got some good news! The good news is, your fight is almost done! The bad news....
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