Barricade Bomb Vs Bucklebomb

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  1. Introduction:

    There's been a lot of statements going around today about the Buckle Bomb and I wanted to write out why I think people are getting real confused over which is which.

    From /r/SC

    "As much of a Rollins fan that I am, I think it's time to retire the buckle bomb. They get rid of the curb stomp, but this one is still around. Come on."

    From Lance Storm

    "when your moves have a high risk but the risk is on YOU, I don't mind it as much...but when you're throwing guys backwards, the risk isn't on you, it's on him.."

    And from Bret Hart

    "I take no great pleasure in saying “I told you so,” but if you’re a professional wrestler and you keep hurting opponents and or yourself, clearly you’re doing it wrong. I wrestled a very realistic and physical style and not once in 23 yrs did I ever hurt one opponent ever. Seth Rollins needs to improve his technique and become the safest wrestler in the business. I have great respect for Seth. I believe he’ll improve and hopefully stop hurting the talent before someone gets killed."

    Is Seth Rollins Reckless?

    There could easily be an argument for Seth Rollins being reckless, I'll be honest about that but Bret Hart is pointing fingers. Seth Rollins has fucked up, I'll give you the Cena injury and the Balor injury but Sting is hardly a young guy in his prime and I do not think the blame lies on Rollins or Sting for that incident and I believe it to be a result of wrestling full time for 20+ years.

    Rollins obviously needs to tone it down a little but Bret is ridiculous in saying that "before someone gets killed" and in the same interview he went on to complain about Samoa Joe using the muscle buster after the Tyson Kidd injury despite Joe's track record with the move and I'll make the same argument for Rollins a minute.

    Track Record

    How many times has Seth Rollins performed a standard Buckle Bomb? Countless but if I were to count it would be in the high hundreds. How many people have been injured from a standard Buckle Bomb? ONE. Sting who again has been wrestling for THIRTY YEARS, most of that full time with promotions such as TNA and WCW. Sting is hardly a young man and its hardly shocking a man with back and neck issues got injured. I am not going to place blame for this injury.

    Now looking at many other workers, Styles Clash has injured 2 People since he left TNA. Lionheart and Rodrick Strong, his track record speaks for itself and its not banned. Samoa Joe with the Muscle Buster, Tyson Kidd suffered a career threatening injury and we don't know if he'll ever come back and he still uses it because his track record again speaks for itself. 1 Injury to Sting is not worthy of banned a move that is performed so frequently with no issues. Now we move to the biggest talking point: The Barricade Bomb.

    The Barricade Bomb

    The Barricade Bomb should stop. No doubt about it, not because of the one injury but because its just a silly move that is very awkward to take and can end badly as we saw on Sunday but this should not affect a normal buckle bomb because they are completely different moves. A lot of people seem to batch them together when they just aren't similar at all, the landing on the buckle bomb is simple yet the barricade is a much different beast. The videos above show that pretty clearly.

    One major difference is that in a Buckle Bomb you can land on your feet and on a Barricade bomb your landing is much more awkward.

    The only person I've seen get these things accurately is Lance Storm, his quote is great and very honest and I agree with him on the barricade bomb.

    In conclusion the barricade bomb needs to stop being used, the buckle bomb would be silly to ban, Seth Rollins should work on the safety concerns if they are genuine backstage, Bret Hart needs to stop talking about current wrestling and we all need to stop batching the buckle and barricade bombs together.
  2. You can literally see Balor swinging his right arm as he gets thrown into the barricade. I don't know if it really is Rollins' fault on this one. I mean, yeah, Rollins did injure Sting and I can understand people saying that Balor getting injured is his fault as it's his move, after all. However, I don't think Rollins is reckless at all. Think it's more the style in general that takes a toll on your body rather than one specific move. You can see it in the amount of people that have been injured the last couple of years that it's not just Sting or Balor. It's Cesaro, it's Kidd, it's Cena, it's Wyatt, it's Harper, it's Big E, it's Amore, it's Neville, it's Zayn, it's Banks, it's whoever. The schedule is too hard to almost not get injured every 2/3 years which is more of an issue than a Buckle Bomb, imo.
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  3. I just think the barricade bomb in general is a dumb move, its so awkward to land. There is real proper way to land it.
  4. Idk about that, you kinda land the same way you do a Buckle Bomb since it's just an innovative way to hit a Buckle Bomb.
  5. Its way more awkward on the outside though. The barricade is curved, throwing your arms over the barricade as you would ropes is a lot worse since the barricade is a lot stiffer and the barricade is much shorter meaning you can't land on your feet either as you would in the buckle bomb.
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  6. The buckle bomb is safer than a barricade bombs as anything in the ring is safer than the outside as the outside is more unpredictable.

    But the move doesn't need to be replaced or gone really. Maybe the man performing it is getting a little too agressive with it?
  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Bálor injury was a mistake on both ends.

    Both Buckle Bomb and Barricade Bomb are dangerous moves and have to be precisely executed by both giver and receiver.

    It's easy to blame Rollins and say he's reckless, but as Indy already pointed out, "You can literally see Balor swinging his right arm as he gets thrown into the barricade". So, Finn messed up, too.
    The positioning of his body (his arms, to be exact) was probably preparing to be spread across the top of the barricade. But, his shoulders never reached the top, because Rollins didn't throw him far enough and the rest is history.
  8. I think it was more Balors fault for the injury. He should of tucked his arm in at the last minute.
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