Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by leojay, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. Holy fuck. Yeah his gimmick might suck, BUT DID YOU JUST FUCKING SEE THAT?

    Cesaro for the future. Also putting Miz in a feud with Cesaro and defending Murrika is a great way to get Miz over, as well as Cesaro.
  2. The Swiss Superman Neutrilizes The Punjabi Playboy. Nice
  3. This man is great.
  4. I bet Cesaro could dead-lift CM Punk's entire family.
  5. God for one second ... I thought that the great khali was going to become USA champ (wwe logic) oh and that was awesome
  6. That promo was badass, he worked the crowd great, that's the kind of stuff we need for the United States championship, great job on both ends. Great job on having Cesaro booked strong by having him beat Khali like that, and great job by The Miz for working that promo and the crowd.
  7. Gotta give Khali credit for letting him do the move and pinning him.
  8. CM Punk , DB , Antonio Cesaro & Sandow are the who entertains me the most at WWE right now...
    You can also add PTP to the mix...

    Cesaro is absolutely awesome, I said it since the first time I see him wrestle.
  9. Miz vs Cesaro could be awesome.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Hahaaha miz had heat with ziggler , cesaro and punk .... He will end feuding with tensai , u will see! :troll:
  12. Ceasro is on fire right now. WWE do make some smart moves this being one of them.
  13. Explain? Cesaro is struggling for heat and can't work a mic very well. Miz has just turned face and can work a mic better than most...

    Teh Mizz sucks he looks like a 12 year old who can't wrassdle or cut promo. He fucking suck :pipebomb:
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  15. Perhaps you have not noticed....I hate the Miz :angry: lol. I agree though he needs a fresh face to feud with *cough* ADR *cough*
  16. You hate the Miz, that's fine, but can you not see how much he can help Cesaro? How does putting Cesaro up against ADR who can't get any reactions to save his life help Cesaro get heat? Imagine the promos...

    "USA sucks"
    "No it's USA's destiny not to suck"

    A non-American defending Amerca? Come on now...
  17. Ok Ok, Lol. I'd rather have Swagger come back then, even R-Truth if he's healed up. ANYBODY!
  18. Swagger is an easy feud, also bring back the eagle.
  19. Surely your hatred for The Miz should be killed by your love for Cesaro? Miz would help him a lot more than those two jabronis.
  20. You'd think so.....but no :umad:
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