Batista comments on WWE return

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. WM 29 will feature Batista, calling it.
  2. So he'll get knocked the fuck out a few times then come back, sounds like Brock just without the success or talent.
  3. Probably gonna get fucked up then realize he isn't super tough and go back the dubyu dubyu eee
  4. Bateezta is going to be like Bork Laser
  5. Eh, doesn't seem like he's changed his mind to me. He's always said that the reason he doesn't want to go back is because the PG direction is too corny for him, and that he wouldn't return until that's changed. Saying it definitely won't be this year sounds like he realizes the PG direction isn't changing anytime soon.
  6. I don't really care about him that much.
  7. he just wants his wwe fans to stay interested in him :true:
  8. Wait, he has WWE fans Pedo?
  10. :haha: didn't realised you missed him so much :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  11. Would love for him to come back. The feud with Cena was crap but the one with Rey was okay. Would enjoy him coming back.
  12. feud with ryberg
  13. Putting him over clean. :gusta:
  14. :true: :win:
  15. I'd prefer a Ryback win actually, it would be nice to see him beat someone big before eventually losing, and when he does lose I'd hope it is against a good wrestler.
  16. For WWE's sake, he really should not be coming back, in my honest opinion. He is already 42, and will 44 as the earliest he will join if he doesn't have any intentions on coming back this year. I rally don't see what the WWE could get out of him coming back, besides maybe pushing someone like Ryback, Cody Rhodes, etc.
  17. That's what we meant. Batista jobbing to Ryback clean, thus putting him over. No one wants him back so he can beat young talent for no reason.
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