News Batista done with WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Jan 15, 2015.

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  1. Title pretty much explains it all. I thought I saw a post the other day about someone wondering about Batista news (D'Z maybe?). Well, there ya go.

  2. Batista's done?:sad:
  3. Sounds that way
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    Oh well...

    Although, I'd love to hear another one of his awesome 'I Quit!' moments, as well as seeing another magic heel run.
  5. :downer: I grilled his face run but he was a legendary heel. I am disappoint somewhat
  6. I've been missing heel Batista since he left, kind of gutted about this...a little.
  7. Thank God he came back to win the Rumble last year. Excellent booking decision as always WWE
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  8. Who the hell wrote that piece of crap? He isn't coming back, he wasn't down with not winning the more than likely is done with WWE unless he has his retirement match vs HHH, which could happen next year.

    How many times does that need to be repeated in one piece?
  9. I really liked his heel run last year. Sucks that he ain't coming back anytime soon.

    Also, I thought CM Punk said that Batista supported Bryan during that time? Why would he refuse to give him a rub if he knew he should win the title at WrestleMania?
  10. I'd like to see one more small run ending in a retirement match but hey that's his call I suppose.
  11. As much as I hate Batista, having him come back now and Bsatista Bomb DB out of no where......would be awesome....this should happen after the RR event of course and lead to a match with them at Mania. It would be a good match I think.
  12. A match with DB, Lesnar and/or Ziggler would have been nice but honestly, WWE messed up his return and that probably left a sour taste in Batista's mouth. I thought he was at a decent level back at WM30, after being a bit mediocre, he found himself and the douchy heel persona we all know and love. Heck, Ziggler vs Batista for the IC title would have been pretty fun just because Ziggler beating douchy guys is fun.
  13. Batista is a hell of a wrestler and he loves the business. His success in acting is well deserved, Drax The Destroyer was amazing. The dry humor is not easy to pull off. Now he gets a role in 007, so I'm sure it's in his best interest to continue pursuing his acting career.

    That said I am sure he will return down the road and pop the crowd with a Batista Bomb.... unless of course the crowd are filled with the neckbeards that gave him shit on his last run.
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  14. look it up on the network, he had a good couple matches with Ziggler on Smackdown. They had really good chemistry. Ziggler selling like a mofo of course.
  15. I saw that one match where Batista turned heel with his douchey hat and Ziggler called him out but I think he lost clean. They should have done that on a bigger scale for the IC Title.

    Also, I don't have the network. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  16. Never would've happened if they'd brought him in heel like they should have. Dummies.
  17. Good.

    When Batista's return was announced back in 2013 for last year I was really excited, but then when he returned and prompted him to win the Royal Rumble, that just got to me, he was only back for a month and they wanted him originally in a singles match at Wrestlemania 30 against Randy Orton. Thats not how fast you push a return like that which is why everyone turned on Batista that fast screwing everything up, so they made Batista the dainty heel for the half of 2014 he was apart of the company. Then he finally left and people were happy because WWE removed the mistake they made. If it was planned out a lot differently and just give him a singles match at wresltemania 30 in a totally different feud maybe fans would've wanted him to be around more.
  18. Ah... I'm sorry the people wanted something different in 2014 other than just a semi-retired Batista winning another world title.
  19. A small, obnoxious, & vocal section of the people
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