Spoiler Batista flips out on fans after RR Mocks DB

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  1. Thanks to WrestlingINC.com readers Ian West, Zach Picciarelli and Roland for sending in these post-Royal Rumble PPV notes:
    Batista was legitimately upset after he won the Royal Rumble match tonight after the crowd turned on him.

    On his way back up the ramp, Batista got into a verbal altercation with a disgruntled fan who flipped him off. Batista could be seen on the big screen telling the fan that he'd snap him in half and then flipped the fan off while still on the big screen. He then mockingly did the "Yes!" chant at the top of the ramp while fans peppered him with boos. However, instead of using his pointer fingers, he used his middle fingers and flipped the crowd off.

    You can check out a photo of Batista flipping the bird below (thanks to Zach Picciarelli for the pic):

    Read more at http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news...ter-wwe-royal-rumble-ppv/#1ZsBmGw9Ay3eHojz.99
  2. Yea, he's a douche. I don't understand why they wanted his boring ass to be a face at all, when he is so naturally easy to hate.
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  3. lol Boo hoo, Big Dave. It isn't 2005 anymore.
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  4. Big Dave looks like he smoked crack for a year straight with the wrong hipsters.
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  5. I'm trying to feel a little sorry for him, but I can't quite get there. Fuck Batista.
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  6. His body just looks weird. He is so cut up, but sort of lacks muscle mass. Like how you look when you have been sick, puking for 2 days straight and you go by the mirror all dehydrated and shit but you sort of think "damn, looking pretty shredded"
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  7. LMFAO, might be post of the year.
  8. Shoulda just walked out and not caused a scene.
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  9. Or better yet, not come back at all.
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  10. Professionalism at it's best.

    He can not control he's emotions. A kid say's he hates him so he returns the favor. He gets flipped off, so he gets mad.

    Makes me wonder if he has some anger issues.
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  11. TURN HIM INTO A HEEL. Just Heel vs. Heel vs. Heel vs. Heel lol
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  12. Heels for days, every heel gets a match. If wwe fans like you, you will not be booked. I love it.
  13. Let's just put Daniel Bryan on a losing streak and book him in another 10 second match against Heel Sheamus at 'Mania 30. HEELS FO DAYS.
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  14. You want Taker vs. Bryan? I'll give you Taker vs. Ryback.
  15. Let's put over Ryback cuz HEELS FO DAYZ
  16. We need to make a character out of this lol
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  18. Unprofessional prick. Whoud'a thought it?
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  19. But, I have a huge opinion about the subject of this thread.

    I think Batista forgot how the fans were during his leave. Like, I think doing these movies, he got applause no matter what. Respect and shit. Everyone loved him before he left. He came back and didn't expect the crowds to be like that. New Jersey crowd changed the landscape of all crowds.

    Batista fell to the pressure of the crowd and "talked back". You can tell by his tweets. He's trying to avoid the hate and shit. He needs to start having matches on Raw & Smackdown now that he is a full-time superstar to win back the crowd.

  20. Dave Batista should've stayed gone. Triple H likes Dave a lot, so regardless of Dave looking like a drug addict with stretch-like skin, Triple H lets him come back and win the Rumble. Does WWE think Dave is like The Rock? ....who can return at anytime and go over big with the fans? apparently so. Although Dave winning the Rumble was expected, it was pathetic and not needed; insomuch, that the fans literally booed the face Batista out of the arena. It was so expected and boring. Reigns made the Rumble interesting and so did CM Punk. DB not being in the Rumble caused the uproar from the fans. They were literally chanting his name all night long, especially during the Cena and Orton match. Hell, when Mysterio came out at 30....they booed him and cheered when he got knocked out because they wanted DB to come out.

    Worst PPV I've seen from WWE in a long time. Cena, Orton, and Dave can sell tickets. But, DB is more popular than all of them combined right now....how the hell does he not get a spot in the Rumble, or win it? It's as if WWE is playing rewind. Well, Cena won the Rumble in 2008...let's make 2013 predictable and let him win it again....Well, dave is back in WWE (who cares) and he won the Rumble back in 2005....let's make it predictable and and let him win it again....despite the talent we have ATM: superstars that haven't won the Rumble--DB, Reigns, and Punk.

    Fuck you WWE.
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