Batista in the new "Kickboxer" franchise

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  1. 'Kickboxer' Signs WWE's Dave Bautista, UFC's Georges St. Pierre

    I wonder if he'll be the lead part or the main villain? I'm assuming at least one of those anyway. Didn't know Batista was in the new Captain America movie either. Have to keep an eye out for that. (I'm sure you guys can fill me in.)​
  2. Why so they have to remake everything? JCVD original should be left on its own. This scene alone warrants it's legacy never to be tarnished by a remake

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  3. Batista is not the lead. That role has already been cast.

    Most likely he'll be one of the fighters.
  4. As long as they don't remake Sudden Death with JCVD I won't be too upset but I agree. JCVD originals should be left alone.
  5. Oh phew! :phew:
  6. Batista isn't in Captain America 2; it's GSP.

    He plays the first villain (supposed to be a stupid shitty villain in the comics "Batroc the Leaper") that Captain squashes right in the beginning.

    GSP makes Batroc look diesel.. way more than in the comics.
  7. Oh. They say he is in the article, thats where I got it. Probably a typo or something.

    EDIT: OH GSP, I get it now
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  8. The new boyz turned down the role so they went to Big Dave to keep the skinny jeans look but still snag that single mom with a tween market
  9. They definitely meant GSP; since both have been casted in the 'kickboxer' series; they definitely just messed up the syntax or something.
  10. I see how you could get Batista being in Cap 2 haha, nah they meant GSP in Cap 2 and then Batista in GotG
  11. I just read this wrong:
    "Respectively" being the key word there. My bad.
  12. Damn, not quick enough. We posted this at almost the same time lol
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  13. Haha it's their fault, should separate that.. considering they should've given another credit to Bautista for the new Riddick movie that came out last year.
  14. GSP will superman jab this shit to a decision.
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